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  1. Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. I will certainly apply. I am sure I would have so much to learn from the younger future doctors, but also so much to offer... I entered university for the first time at the age of 17 for a 6 year psychology course leading to a title of psychologist. Despite the young age, my grades were outstanding and I had the respect of my professors and colleagues. Two specializations and half of a master's degree later, I was immigrating to Canada with my spouse and young child, planning to stay for 3 years, learn the language, complete a master's degree and go
  2. I am considering applying for McMaster but at the same time feeling very unsure about my age. I know I can do it but I have not heard of other people in this age group being admitted to McMaster. I would love to hear from your experiences in your classes. Thanks
  3. I have read the stats from McMaster and I noticed that very few people over 35 have been accepted into the MD program over the past 4 years. I am 44 and I may be applying this year. I am very unsure about the GPA conversion and how they will use grade from 20 years ago to determine my qualifications and eligibility, specially taking into account that I attended undergrad abroad. I have a master's degree in psychology (2006) from US with a GPA of 3.83, 13 years of experience in mental health in a Canadian hospital, excellent character, professional and academic references. Some volunteer work,
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