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  1. I was surprised at how difficult RBC has been, while dealing with Scotiabank for their LOC has been hassle free. Especially odd because I've been an RBC customer (personal and business) for years. Has any one looked into MD Financial's LOC through National Bank? You need to have just finished your undergrad. They thought that I wouldn't qualify since I was a business owner, but then I explained to them that I have been a full time student the past 4 years, while running a business on the side.
  2. I started my undergrad in my 30s, with four kids. Years ago I had completed a college degree with marks I am ashamed of. I had many, many people tell me not to return to school full-time, as I had a business and career. But my passion had always been medicine. I just needed the undergrad degree first. Which I did, and managed to do exceptionally well, while still running my business, raising the kids and overcoming a difficult health concern. My unwavering desire to go into medicine kept me motivated through many hardships. I've applied over the past three years, with many of the 'uphill battl
  3. Don't give up on NOSM! I applied 3 times. Was waitlisted the first year, rejected post-interview last year, and accepted this year! I know how crushing it is to get that rejection, especially after having been previously waitlisted. Don't give up. Apply again, and continue doing what you are passionate about over the course of the next year.
  4. I was accepted to the NTP program, but declined my offer. Good luck to those on the waitlist!
  5. Time Stamp: 8:27 am ACCEPTED!!! (Sudbury campus) GPA: 3.92 Context: Have lived in Northern Ontario for the past 16 years. ECs: So many varied non-traditional experiences yet they all have given me a wide range of transferable skills... 3rd time applying! I am ecstatic, teary, and in a state of disbelief. This has been my dream for so long. For waitlisters and those who did not get in this year, don't give up!! For any other non-traditional, older applicants, moms or dads dreaming of medical school, keep pursuing your dreams. With a lot of hard work, determinati
  6. Result: Accepted!!! Time-stamp: 7:05 AM wGPA: 3.96 (cGPA 3.92) Stream: English Geography: IP ECs: So many varied non-traditional experiences... Mother of four. Current year: Graduated in 2016, took additional prerequisites part time this year. Interview: Mixed feelings. Felt really good about some questions. There were two questions where I kept worrying about the little things I wish I hadn't said that have been replaying in my mind, and the things I wish I'd added in. Ecstatic to be offered a spot! I am still in a state
  7. I just checked the email from last June, the waitlist only moved 12 spots.
  8. I was in waitlist purgatory last year. Even though the chances were small, I changed my program from a 4 year to a 3 year so that I could graduate with a degree in case I was accepted. When the final waitlist email was sent out, I reapplied to do my honours year, and have just completed it. The waitlist was definitely better than a rejection email, but with its own challenges when it comes to planning your life (especially with potentially relocating a family).
  9. I've still got one exam to go and a thesis paper to deliver, so thankfully I can focus on those and not on thinking about the interview over and over... There was one station where I can say it was horrible, a couple I thought were great, and the rest I don't know.
  10. Timestamp: Jan 14, 2:12pm Interview: Yes!!! GPA: 3.91 Context: Small town in Northern Ontario for the past 14 years. ECs: varied Non-trad?: Very non-trad - completed undergrad as a mature student and... mom of 4! Undergrad program/university: 3 year degree. Currently upgrading to a 4th year Honours degree. # of previous applications: 1 (waitlisted last year, really honoured and excited to get another interview this year) Interview Location/Date/Time: Sudbury/April 2nd
  11. Congrats! That's great news for you Thanks for letting us waitlisters know.
  12. Thanks Hockeynut! Here's what I am now trying to decide before starting my honours year this fall: 1. Spend as much time as I can over the summer volunteering (haven't decided where yet) or 2. Take the time to study and write MCAT Even though I want to live and practice medicine in Northern Ontario, should I avoid putting all my eggs in 1 basket and apply to other schools? Or does continuing to apply to NOSM (as many years as it takes!) as my only choice help my application in anyway?
  13. I am on the waitlist, though very far down. This is my first time applying and I will definitely be applying every year until I get into NOSM. It is my dream to go there. Although I was sad to not get an initial offer, I am proud of the fact that I got an interview and made it to the waitlist. As a 'mature' student owning and managing a business with over a dozen employees, full time (actually overload) course load this semester, and young kids at home, this is a big personal accomplishment for me. My tour of NOSM after the interview was so inspiring and I can't wait for the point in the futur
  14. Here's hoping for good news tomorrow! I hope you get in (and can sleep tonight!)
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