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  1. I just declined Queen's for PT. Someone should be getting an email
  2. I just declined Queen's. Someone should be getting an email
  3. Hey, I was accepted to Queen's. Here's my experience: Education - Bachelor of Music - Education (GPA not stellar) - Upgrading - Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Sports Injuries, Stats courses, etc. etc. (worked my ass off for a stellar GPA in these courses) Work experience - Canadian Forces 6 years - Personal Trainer 1 year - PTA at private practice physio clinic 2 years Shadow - In patient neuro-trauma unit PT - AT at a university - Private practice treatments I spent a lot of time writing my personal submission for Queen's. My sGPA was 3.7 (for ORPAS schools). I
  4. I agree! I got in at U of A (I already live in Edmonton with my boyfriend) and Queens (close to my family). Ah!
  5. Hey guys! I was accepted into both Queen's and the University of Alberta for PT. I don't know how to decide! Does any know anything about the Queen's program? I have had trouble finding much information to compare with U of A. Congrats to everyone who who offers!
  6. Received an offer for U of A PT! In province applicant 3.82 sGPA. So excited!
  7. I got the email and have mostly Canadian heritage. Why do you think is 'seems like it's been sent to people with parents who are likely to be immigrants'? I feel that a university would not make assumptions about this sort of thing. I'm sure those that didn't receive it could likely find it in their junk mail or something.
  8. For those that did their U of A MMI today, were there rest stations? How is everyone feeling after completing the MMI?
  9. Mine also says submitted, awaiting review. I have not received an email yet. They only interview 40-50 people...anyone have any idea how many applications they usually get for the QY?
  10. 203 applicants are being interviewed at U of A - info straight from Gillian!
  11. This year at U of A, 203 applicants are being interviewed - info straight from Gillian!
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