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  1. Hi guys! I was wondering if any of you have completed any of your prerequisite classes online at athabasca, and if so, which ones were deemed equivalent at mcgill. Do they even consider their courses equivalent and are the “at Home Lab courses” also accepted? Thanks in advance
  2. Sending you ALL positive vibes! Good luck
  3. This is amazing. Dr Khaled is hilarious lol!!!! Congrats to all who've made it and good luck to those who passed interviews last week:).
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering, I have one bad grade (b-) in a class I had taken last year. The b- brings down my GPA. I want to retake the class during the summer and if I get minimum an A-, my gpa will raise by 0.08. Does this look bad for when I apply to med? I know I can have a good GPA if I do not retake it and maintain my grades but I rather have that extra 0.08. I want to aim for the highest possible cGPA and I feel like this one is kind of weighing me down. Thank you all in advance for your help!
  5. Hi Don't stress. As per their website: "The following dates are for the Fall 2016 entry and are subject to change without notice. There is no winter or summer entry. Application deadline: November 2, 2015 Submission deadline: November 2, 2015 Target date for sending preliminary selections: March 2016 Interview dates: May 2,3,4, 2016" The above is for NTP. Good luck!
  6. I applied, did not get an answer yet!! If you don't mind me asking, what was you GPA when applying and are you applying from out of the province?
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