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  1. Will be pulling myself off the OOP waitlist! Good luck!!
  2. Got my waitlist offer today at 4:33 for Hamilton. All the best guys! I sat on the waitlist all summer last year so know how tough it is.
  3. hoping for us all that there is some more movement today
  4. hm.... i'm confused as to why they are giving people their second choice so early in the waitlist!
  5. I feel you guys... my anxiety levels are through the roof
  6. If your references were contacted, does that 100% mean you passed the interview??
  7. Time stamp: 11:39 am Invite: Yes GPA: 3.82 Verbal: 12 Casper: only OK Geography: IP Graduated UG in May Waitlisted for interview last year. For those on the waitlist, don't give up hope! There is waitlist movement, I got an email end of Feb last year letting me know a spot had opened up.
  8. amazing!!!!! thanks so much for letting us know!! i was loosing sleep over this.
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