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  1. Si tu es au campus de la Mauricie tes stages d'externat obligatoires (chirurgie, med- interne, pédiatrie, OBGYN, medfam, gériatrie, etc.) vont se faire en region aussi. Mais elle va toujours être capable de faire ses stages à options ailleurs.
  2. Thanks for looking into this for me Calcan, I looked into the J-1 statements yesterday as well and came to the same conclusion. The most likely option definitely seems to be matching in Canada, then going down south after. Considering the job market (or lack thereof) for orthopods in Canada, I'm assuming many of them have already moved down south. I think my next step will be to get in contact with an orthopod who's already done this. The problem however, will be finding one haha.
  3. Salut, Mes scores de l'an dernier 3.90/4.0 à McGill en PT Sherbrooke - 37,979 ULaval - 38.365 UdeM - Ils nous la donnent pas Tu peux m'envoyer un message en PM si t'as des questions Bonne chance!
  4. Sorry for the delay in my response just start back at school and have been swamped! Thank you everyone for your answers so far, I really appreciate it! From what I understand so far from all of you, the H1b route seems close to impossible due to the processing time constraints. I will definitely have to look more closely at the J1 waiver program to see what specialities it is offered to. Considering it's to work in underserved communities, I'm assuming it's mainly primary care as most of you have said.
  5. Thanks for the reply Calcan! Aside from MLE scores however, are CMGs looked at equally when compared to AMGs (once VISAs are factored in). I understand that we are not considered IMGs, but I don't really understand where that places us if we want to apply for a residency in the US.
  6. Hi everyone, I haven't posted too much on the forums, but I'm a pretty avid lurker and have checked most of the threads pertinent to my question haha. My girlfriend and I are both medical students in Quebec (year one and year two preclinical), and we are both very interested in pursuing a medical career south of the border. Unfortunately, there is not much information offered by our school (University of Montreal) for people interested in this pathway. I've been looking around on the forums a lot, but I found certain things less clear than others and was hoping some people could help with so
  7. Universitaire bac connexe viens juste de recevoir mon offre d'admission campus Mauricie (par courriel et sur le centre) Ils nous donnent pas notre score aux mems ni notre CRU par contre..
  8. Oui UdeM, Sherbrooke et Laval, 74 Crédits (en voie d'obtention)
  9. Pour ceux et celles qui n'ont encore rien eu, soyez certain de checker le bon courriel...j'ai passé tout le matin/après midi en pensant que j'étais réfuser, mais je viens de réaliser que j'ai apparemment un adresse courrier @ulaval...bref accepter aux MEMs à tous les 3 à 9:40 3.9/4 McGill Physio
  10. Je peux aussi le confirmer, j'ai eu ça comme réponse l'an dernier quand j'ai appliqué à Sherbrooke en cours de bac de physio McGill: Pour faire suite à votre demande, nous vous informons que votre cote académique globale (CAG) est de 33,103, calculée par notre système sur la base d'une moyenne cumulative de 3.94 (mon GPA McGill) dans le programme B. Sc. Réhabilitation à l'Université Laval (lol?).
  11. Hi Ellen, I'm actually in a similar situation to you. How comfortable are you in applying to the french universities (UdeM, UdeS, ULaval)? If you are only banking on McGill, then I would definitely write the MCATs, without a doubt. Your GPA is definitely good enough for McGill, but your ECs below average. To get an interview spot they evaluate you 30% CV/Personal statement and 70%. Even if your ECs were stellar, I'd still recommend you write the MCATs. You need more than one option.
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