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  1. hey i had pretty similar stats to you and I got accepted at U of T. I was out of province as well. I think you should be able to get an interview and if you do well on it you should be ok! Best of luck!
  2. I used to use an iPad in undergrad and switched to a surface in first year and loved it. It's good since you can write if you want to and you can also take notes using your keyboard as well. Some classes I prefer to hand write on the tablet and other classes I prefer typing notes. You could also buy a keyboard for your iPad too if you want that option as well. A couple other people in my class use a surface as well and I think it's a machine that gets the job done.
  3. I did something very similar to this. I would read the question first so I know what I need to pay more attention to and then I would turn to the passage and read until I found the answer to the question. I would then go to the next question and read until I found the answer. Most questions follow the order of the passage but if the questions seemed to be an "overall theme" question I would wait until I finished reading the passage to answer. I think I got 27 on RC by using this method.
  4. There's 7 people on the OOP waitlist and the registrar says it usually clears. Chances are pretty good if you're on the waitlist but there is some variability since the waitlist is small.
  5. I don't know what else there is to say other than, " Yup, that's cheating". lol
  6. Keep in mind that people on the waitlist may decline too resulting in movement so it doesn't necessarily mean that 43 people in that class are from the waitlist. What it does mean is that they did send out 43 additional acceptances on top of the original 96!
  7. It means that once you get accepted you only need to maintain a 3.0. The first statement is saying that when they are considering you for acceptance, the GPA from your current year isn't part of the calculation. You can email to double check though but I'm pretty sure that's what it means.
  8. Yeah I know a couple people that started commuting at the beginning of the year but they decided to move closer to downtown after a couple months! Class is pretty early so it's nice to be close to school and save some time instead of commuting.
  9. The majority of our class lives downtown and the people that don't usually commute via TTC. I'm not too sure if we have anyone that drives and parks on campus though but like Tdent said if you ask in the Facebook group maybe someone that does will pop up !
  10. I think I asked the first week after my interview. Maybe on Monday or Tuesday? I'm not too sure.
  11. I had 17 on pat and i was 3rd year. You should be ok lol
  12. I got 17 on PAT and 24 AA with a lower gpa and got an interview. You should be okay just try your best.
  13. Statistics for the Doctor of Dental Surgery Program (DDS) 2014 Entry TOTAL APPLICANT POOL: 538 Male: 246 Female: 292 Aboriginal: 3 Mean Grade Point Average: 3.69 Mean DAT Scores (0-30 range): Academic Average (AA): 21 Perceptual Ability Test (PAT): 20 TOTAL OFFERS OF ADMISSION: 122 Male: 55 Female: 67 TOTAL REGISTERED STUDENTS: 96 Male: 42 Female: 54 Distribution by Province: Ontario: 86 Other: 10 Level of University Education: 3 Years: 20 4 (or more) Years: 37 Master's: 36 Ph.D.: 3 Mean Gr
  14. i got in last friday !! for all the OOP students on the waitlist in the future checking old forum posts religiously: don`t lose hope !!
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