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  1. Can an upper year student shed some light on costs. The website says tuition is $33, 910.00 for domestic students plus $1,184.44 for incidental fees with an additional fee of $8, 007.00 for Dental instruments and optional service fees. The grand total is $43,171.44 (plus books) Does that total remain constant each year? Is the $8,000 for dental instruments a 1 time fee?
  2. Handed my slip and deposit in person. Got a confirmation email when I checked later that day.
  3. When UofT publishes their admissions stats is the average GPA an average of everyone's GPA without dropping their worst year or do they report it as the average GPA already excluding each individual's worst year when applicable?
  4. Call this number (416) 979-4901, ext. 4373 Let me know if she actually tells you the numerical score not just the relative score now that decisions have been made.
  5. Congratulations for all your hard work everyone. I'm so excited to meet you guys. Good luck to all waitlisted and pursuing other schools!!
  6. I think I will be emailing Western this weekend or Monday to cancel my interview.
  7. Accepted IP GPA: 3.92 AA: 22 PAT: 18 Interview: above average Finished undergrad. (1st time applying) When I saw this I had a feeling I was in. Unless everyone gets it haha
  8. Result IP/OOP GPA DAT (AA + PAT) Interview Year of study
  9. When I asked on Monday they said no early release, but a lot can change in a week. No harm in checking if you want.
  10. If someone with a 3.91 has no chance anyway then I don't see the utility of the interview. There must be some chance. Maybe 26 vs 28 is too narrow a difference afterall these are the best case and worst case of below and above average, respectively. Similar to this in the case of 4.0 vs 3.9, technically someone who got 90% in every course could be compared to someone who consistently got 89% in every course. How is 1% going to make someone a better dental student? But at the end of the day GPA is 60% of the breakdown so I wouldn't be surprised if the interview is just to sort out the ranks o
  11. You can't tell the difference in percent out of 30 that corresponds to a difference between a 2 point interview score. What if it is like 10% (I'm obviously exaggerating but still)
  12. ^ wouldn't it though if there is only 1 pool and no set ratio of Graduate to Undergraduate offers given?
  13. Hmmm..Interesting. Source? 1 pool - I called and asked the admission lady. So there's probably no set quota and it's likely just by overall rank after the bonus
  14. So true...We should start a thread for acceptance/rejection/waitlist where everyone just posts their stats a priori and then have to edit their posts next friday with the actual decision to try and minimize the bias of only the accepted/waitlisted posting. But I suppose people with better stats will still be more inclined to post and will more likely get in. So bias is unavoidable haha
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