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  1. I am also having trouble finding those documents. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. TIME STAMP: 12:21pm Interview Invite: Invited Early/Regular Deadline: Regular Interview Date: Feb 13th GPA: ~90% AGPA (if applicable): MCAT: Cutoff (new MCAT) ECs: PM for ECs! Year: 3rd year BSc Geography: IP NAQ (if applicable): AQ (if applicable):
  3. Hi spuddy999, No I did not get regrets this cycle, and am a regular deadline applicant. I think I should also mention that I'm a 3rd year applicant, and all of my ECs were done in the past two years, so my hours were low, especially for the one's I just started this year. I was also only able to fill out 3/12 slots for diversity, but filled out most of the other application. Most of my activities are all ongoing and I do them weekly, which I clarified and I think is very important.
  4. Oh my, another wave of rejections? I can't study for my final exams anymore; this is too unsettling.
  5. I didn't have many hours in most activities; my two major activities had ~300 hours (hospital) and ~150 hours (volunteer research). Unlike most, I didn't do much growing up (piano, sports etc) or in high school. Most of my entries were ~30 and also a couple ~10 hour ones. I was honestly really uncomfortable putting down these entries, but just make sure to provide very accurate clarifications on why the hours may be so little (irregularity in schedule). I put down hours clarifications on all of my entries. Instead of exaggerating hours, which I would imagine would be very unsettling and would
  6. As far as I know, none of my verifiers have been contacted either. For those of you who've had verifiers contacted, did the verifiers let you know that they've been contacted or does the admissions team notify you that they are contacting your verifiers?
  7. Submitted Sept 4th and my card has been confirmed
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