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  1. Hi, so I'm currently looking for a place to stay, and one of the best places I came across (in terms of affordability, living space, etc.) is a 25-minute walk from MSB (but on the flipside, it's only a 7 minute walk from St. Mike's! ). Would that trade-off be worth it when clinical years come around, or do you think this is too far to consider? I've heard that it can be very draining to have long-ish travel times. In winter I worry that it might be even longer! Any input would be appreciated. EDIT: it's on Dundas St E, and according to the listing there's a streetcar stop rig
  2. LOL MAAAN I'm right there with you... Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful shade of blue, but "Very special colour" blue???
  3. IT'S NOT RED... SHOOK Like it's nice but how is that relevant to 150th anniversary?!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/MDFinancialManagement/app/303561899745219?brandloc=DISABLE&app_data=source-Facebook_June_9 Vote RED!
  5. So much for your friend working at MDfinancial eh
  6. Are you actually in U of T med? And besides the greater cost (which is to be expected in any large city a la New York, Vancouver, etc.), it can easily be argued that Toronto is one of the best places to live in North America. There's always something to do
  7. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I couldn't find this info elsewhere..! Do we send in final transcripts to the school we were accepted at using the OMSAS TRF? Thanks!
  8. Yep! Wouldn't it be fair game once they've gone through? But yeah red for Canada's 150th would be awesome
  9. Don't worry, I think it's extremely unlikely they'd do a colour like pink My money is on some shade of red/burgundy!
  10. Just to play devil's advocate, on interview I asked the same question about social dynamics to a Queen's med student, and received essentially the same answer you received. He said that while he knew the names of all his class (or could get a refresher on the picture wall if he didn't ), not everyone is friends with one another -- you simply get along with some people, and others you won't. Cliques will form, and this is to be expected whenever you have a large group of people! That being said, I think there's free reign to meet/befriend any and all people in your class at the beginning!
  11. I don't think this is the case. I know of people who were accepted off the waitlist in within the two weeks. EDIT: Here's some proof on the forums as well, from a very reputable user
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