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  1. I provisionally accepted U of T's PT offer and mailed my deposit last week. My package in the mail said if the deposit isn't received by June 5th you lose your spot, and provisional acceptances become firm June 5th so I just risked potentially losing the deposit if I happen to get another offer from the wait list so I didn't lose my spot due to a late deposit at U of T (although I doubt I'll get another offer, I was pretty far down the wait list). Hope this helps in some way, I know losing the deposit money would suck (if given another offer), but I would rather that than lose my spot because
  2. First of all, congratulations on getting into all three, that's quite the accomplishment! I was accepted to Toronto PT so I'll be attending there this fall. I honestly wasn't hoping for Toronto, but happy to have at least somewhere to go. I think it would be a tough position to be in to have to pick, but I think visiting both campuses and seeing how you feel there would be important, as well as the practicality for being there for 2 years... cost of living, commuting and associated costs.. and then considering what you'd like more exposure to, the hospitals and vast placement opportunities Tor
  3. No word from Mac PT either.. this is slightly cruel lol
  4. I'm not sure. She made me feel rather dumb for asking, it was like "well if you didn't receive the email then you can guess what that means" kind of response... Maybe I took it wrong and I hope it does mean there's still hope if you didn't receive the email, but I'm just being realistic based on what she said/sounded like. Unfortunately the only real information isn't for a few more weeks
  5. Yeah, I have no idea about the wait-list unfortunately.
  6. I feel the same way! It was a crazy weekend with a lot of stress lol. I wish there were current students at U of T who were intermingling with us before the CAP to talk about the program and such rather than just all standing together at the front and it did feel really kind of hectic, which I understand because of all the people and stuff going on but it probably could have been a bit better organized. "CodyDreas" You said you've always wanted to go to U of T... do you have anything to share about their program/facility? Going to the CAP was the first time I've been in Toronto and don't know
  7. I called today and said that I've heard a few people have got emails about applying to Queen's PT scholarships because their files have been moved on for further review, so if you don't receive an email does that mean you aren't being considered for further review or admission? .. She said she can't directly answer that, but she thinks its pretty self-explanatory. Sooo I'm going to assume if you didn't receive the email then you're not being considered and if you did receive the email then you're being more seriously considered for admission. She said she may send out emails for admission or r
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