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    islam620 reacted to rmorelan in Royal college request for special meeting   
    they don't seem to have much incentive to do anything. Many the leaders at the college are leaders in other areas involved in dealing with the crisis (as an example the head of our radiology royal college exam just happens to be the head of the Canadian Thoracic Radiology Society - that sort of thing is not exactly uncommon). Mostly likely this will have tapered down by July 1 (we all hope) so the argument we need to rush people into a ready state to fight this is likely not really all that solid. 
    None of these is me saying we should work to finding a better solution - we should absolutely. only that it is hard to get the college to do things quickly in the best of times, and now there are reasons to make it even worse. 
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    islam620 got a reaction from LostLamb in Italy scraps all medical school qualifying exams   
    This means immediately releasing into the National Health System the energy of about 10,000 doctors, which is fundamental to dealing with the shortage that our country is suffering,” he said in a statement.
    The graduates will be sent to work in general practitioners’ clinics and at old peoples’ homes, freeing up more experienced colleagues who will be sent to the rapidly filling hospitals.
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