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  1. Hello everyone, I am a first year UBC science student and I just finished my first semester in UBC. Dentistry is one of the few careers I am interested in pursuing (more specifically I want to become an orthodontist) and I just had some general questions that are all over the place in regards to the field and getting accepted into it. I am really sorry for the wall of text, I don't know anyone in the field and so I am kind of unsure where I can get the answers to my questions. Thanks in advance. 1. Which Major Should I choose? I've seen many answers to this question and they always come do
  2. Hey, Before I go into my question I just want to say that I know how difficult it is to get into any of these programs and I understand that I am getting ahead of myself, but imo if I am going to make a choice might as well take the path of least resistance. I live in vancouver and I applied to UBC and UofA because I didn't feel like wasting my money applying everywhere. Luckily I got into both of them and since I want to pursue Dentistry I am having difficulties making a choice where to go. Since both of the schools accept mostly people from within the province I obviously want to start
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