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  1. His PhD student Ed Cambridge is teaching the course now! I miss McGill, his stories were the best Tupling is a great prof. Gives review sessions before each midterm/test Vigna is also a great prof, his guest lectures in kin 205 were golden
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll take a few months off and see where things go from there. The first one was from sports - the rest, however, came from not recognizing the injury and putting myself in positions where I hit my head once more and accentuated the problem. Fast forward a year, a tiny collision on the sidewalk and the re-agitation of prior symptoms is real. Physio has been helping.
  3. Hey everyone, So here's the dilemma: I've sustained a (few) relatively serious head injuries, and had to take time off school for the second time in my undergrad career (First time I needed to pretty much take the entire 2015-2016 school year off to recover - this time I've had to take the fall 2016 term off). Currently only partway through 3rd year because of that (co-op program made my scheduling very strange). My grades from the first 2 years are not near what they need to be (think mid/low 3's in terms of GPA). Towards my 3A term I was getting the hang of things (closer to 3.8 for that
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