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  1. Pouvons-nous email par courriel des copies des relevés de notes à Laval?
  2. Hi, From what I read, they are not great chances but 3.6 gpa 4.0 prerequisites near perfect MCAT ok LOR -- family doctor volunteer etc only on weekends.
  3. Hi, Do you have an easy A second degree recommendation at Concordia, Mcgill, Bishop or elsewhere for medical school ?
  4. Udem says prerequistes need to be complete before starting classes. Does that mean by the end of summer before you start classes ? Will they not let you in if you do not have pre-requistes. Even their preparatory year application requires all those prerequistes
  5. If you take your basic science prerequisites at CEGEP which give out R scores then how do you know what your basic science GPA will be ?
  6. Since the requirements have changed. I thought I will ask questions anew Questions: 45 consecutive graded credits Consecutive is the word throwing me off completely. Does that mean a block of 45 consecutive graded credits which cannot be interrupted with a summer course / independent course (or a parallel course at another university or cegep ?) must be at a level comparable What does this level and comparable mean ? Meaning if you are taking 300 level courses then literally it means you can only take 300 level courses and not (higher) level courses as an example.
  7. mcgill admissions tells a bachelors is 90 credits (120 with U0) . Then how come honors biology is just 71 or 72 credits. Its even worse at Concordia where BSc Specialization in Biology is just 60 credits . Am I reading this wrong OR is the whole degree including ALL courses 60 credits suddently (without any transfer courses etc)
  8. Link shows the calculation but has a section "REMARQUES POUR LES CANDIDATS AVEC ÉTUDES HORS QUÉBECCLIQUER POUR OUVRIR" But this does not tell what my CRU and CRA is ? PS: I am still learning French so please bear the English post.
  9. Posted by mistake. Please refer to this topic
  10. What are the different type of scholarships typically awarded i.e. not just the list on their website but typically given out ? Stats: GPA: 3.7 and almost perfect MCAT FYI. full ride but it does not say how many are available each year ?
  11. In the links below it shows AP is required but it does NOT tell what is the calculation for the AP exam results into a pre-requiste GPA. So is 5 an A ; 5 a B or something ? It does say "Advanced standing is granted for Advanced Placement results of "4" or better,........" Links: https://www.mcgill.ca/students/transfercredit/prospective/ap https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/selection-process/academic-evaluation
  12. Any input from Laval university ?
  13. I meant compared to med schools in other provinces ? Please guys.... any current QUEBEC studnets want to answer.
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