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  1. Boonies. Don't go There. @PTHopeful2016 You got into McMaster. Come to McMaster. I have two brothers over at Queens regretting their choices at Queens and they got into Mac last yr.
  2. Hi. I am a current PT student. It seems which ever school you just went to failed to teach you on statistics. It is evident that you are not a PT. peace in the middle east.
  3. I have all the respect for you as well as the OT profession. I just hope you have been speaking to the right individuals when you were discussing employment prospects for Occupational Therapy.. this is a gruesome era for OT grads.
  4. 3.83 is competitive. with the 3.85 cut offs at mac last year, they still gave first round interviews to a 3.82. (me) you'll make it. keep it positive. - MScPT(Candidate) at Mac.
  5. i'd say one would be very fortunate to be accepted into Any in canada...
  6. you'll find out that PT and OT are two very different professions when you get into the progam even through they are both rehab therapy. i suggest you do set your heart on one before applying. i'm seeing a handful of OT friends who came in simply as back ups to PT, they aren't enjoying it.
  7. Look. If you truly want something then you go for it. No time for hesitations or even stressing over it. If you truly truly want to pursue PT as a career for the rest of your life, then it will show. Grades are on grit and determination, I still argue that my GPA never reflected my "innate intelligence", our education system isn't good enough to deserve that from us. Up until 3 years ago I was a D+ to C average student at York. Never got any A's before (let alone B's actually). Through my experiences volunteering at various places and being exposed to this career so called Physiotherap
  8. You changed your name lol. I remember you on this forum submitting a thousand posts the past couple years as I checked out this forum out of curiosity during my undergrad. Back then you were all fluffy and trying to leech off encouragements and help from others, now that you're in you're trying to shit on the future students. Great job. You make an amazing example out of the OT world, SO glad I got accepted into PT so i don't ever come across you. 'Healthcareeh' may have been faced with difficulties this year but this person will eventually enter the program and become an OT - and I hope t
  9. I'm on the same boat Steph. I am deciding between the two. UT booted the crap out of me. Actually my brother went to Mac for PT and my sister went to Queens for PT.. haha First of all, they both loved their programs. But from everything I gather, I am leaning towards the Queens program. The PBL method of learning sounds amazing but like Michmich stated, I don't know if it is for everyone - I'm not sure if it's for me. Other aspects too, only from the objective facts I've seen, Queens seem to offer more when compared to Mac. Personal factors and preferences come in to play too. Queens is
  10. everyone I'm so sorry for not keeping it professional and cursing but WHAT THE FUCK ARE MAC AND QUEENS WAITING FOR?????? :'((((((((((
  11. evidently you are a OT applicant... i should've specified from the beginning that this was for PT... OT and PT don't really seem to follow the same routines in terms of requirements and other things
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