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  1. For the few people accepted with CARS in the 123-125 range, or VR in the 6-8 range, need their GPA be close to perfect (4.0)? Thanks
  2. If cars is 124, but confidence interval includes 125 (123-125), will the file be reviewed?
  3. how many people are on the IP waitlist this year
  4. How many people are on the IP waitlist this year?
  5. shoudnt you apply to dentistry after 3rd year, isntead of after 2nd. How do you know you won't get in medicine the second time you apply. you have such low self-esteem
  6. Hi, My gpa is 3.94, AA 23 and PAT 20. I received an interview this year but did not get in. Should I rewrite the DAT? For Western: best 2 years is 91.6% RC is 24. What are my chances? Should I rewrite DAT
  7. some countries in europe are only 70000 euros a year. That is the same as 12000 CAD a year MUCH CHEAPER than canada
  8. I heard April 29 at 5PM. I dont think it will be earlier
  9. I think U ofT because they invite less ppl compared to number of spots, so higher chance of being admitted. they also favour masters students western invites more ppl compared to # of spots they have
  10. why do you want these specific cities? what about barrie? thunder bay? windsor? hanover? innisfil? you should be more open to locations as they are still in ontario you are not leaving the province
  11. LOL i wish, but i was at exactly 30 mins. :/
  12. it was exactly 30 min isnt the interview out of 35, with 5 marks per question? how do they account for me then
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