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  1. Accepted - Unspecified campus Time Stamp: 12:16PM GPA: 3.925 (best 2 years) MCAT: 12/11/12 Interview: Overall I had a really good interview weekend, and also enjoyed the interview itself. Coming out of it I felt good about some parts of it but then was really starting to question myself for other questions. IP, Non SWOMEN 2016 Graduate Looking forward to September!
  2. Hey everyone, Do you have to fill out all 3 referee's information before you can download the confidential assessment forms, or is it possible to print out the forms if one referee's details are not yet completed? The reason I am asking is because one of my potential referees is on vacation, and I won't be able to confirm with her for a few weeks. In the mean time, I wanted to send my CAFs to my other 2 referees. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, If we send in transcripts to Dalhousie do they just automatically match it up to our names in the application(as in all I do is just request to send it from my university)? Also, can we do this before we submit the preliminary portion of the application? I am wondering if I'm missing some sort of transcript request form or something related on the prelim app. The only information I can find on their site regarding transcripts is the address we need to send it to. Thanks Edit: I emailed admissions about this but they just re-directed me to the website. I am wondering
  4. Yep. I emailed a few schools, and they told me that as long as the course is described as having a lab, the semester hours aren't too much of a concern. Some of them mentioned that they are used to seeing this from Canadian students.
  5. Hey all, AMCAS has verified my transcript, and has labelled all my courses as either 3 or 6 credit hours. However, it seems that medical schools require 8 credit hours for certain courses that include lab. When I was putting my courses into AMCAS, I specifically stated something like "Biology....and Lab", but I was only given 6 credit hours for these lab courses. Any other Canadian applicants have this problem, and what did you do to fix it? Thanks
  6. Hey everyone, I've submitted my primary and have gotten it verified, and also have my letters of recommendation marked as received. However, what I realized later is that these LORs explicitly need signatures and letter heads (some thing I did not mention to my writers). While some of them have experience using AMCAS, I don't think they all do. My question is, will I get a notification from AMCAS/any particular medical school when I attempt to submit my secondaries, that my letter of reference does not meet the requirements. At this point, I'm just assuming that one of my referees miss
  7. When you were going through MSAR, did you look at the stats for the number of internationals interviewed or accepted? Some of the schools you have on your list I crossed out because they were not feasible. For example, schools like Michigan State (2 IIs out of ~450 apps) don't seem to accept too many internationals, while other schools on your list (Uni of Colorado) did not even seem to have any international applicants last year.
  8. Hey there everyone, I'm looking for people who have had experience applying to top-tier schools. There seem to be a bunch of schools like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Feinberg etc. who have MCAT Matriculating Medians of 36/37(according to MSAR). My question is, has anyone who has applied to these top tiers with slightly lower MCATs gotten interviews? My list of potential schools would probably change a lot depending on this. So I guess to sum it up...Should I apply to as many of these top tiers as possible, or apply very selectively to them? Here are my stats for reference : 35 M
  9. Awesome! Just a few more things to clarify. 1. For AMCAS, am I just sending in reference letters at one point during the application (ideally Jun 2), or is there also some additional reference request for secondaries? 2. I know English is a pre-req for many American schools, but I'm able apply if I plan on taking it in 4th year right? ( I vaguely remember reading this before, but just looking for confirmation. My plan was to take it during the summer, but a pretty good opportunity for something else came up.) Thanks
  10. Also, I just quickly checked out interfolio. Do the referees basically confidentially upload their references to the website, and then I send them out to AMCAS/OMSAS/other schools for the specific dates?
  11. Hi everyone, first time poster here. I have a few questions with AMCAS opening up soon. 1. The AMCAS app opens up May 5th. Does this mean I should tell my references to start sending in their letters after this day? OR, since the app can actually get submitted June 2nd, is this the date I should be aiming for? The reason I ask is that people seem to emphasize rolling admissions for American schools. 2. How does it work if I get accepted to both an American and Canadian school? I know American acceptances are way earlier on, so am I able to hold my spot down with a deposit, and esse
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