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  1. Hi SocSci-PipeDream, I'm a Mac student, and I know there are people (not many, but still) in my class who had a cGPA similar to yours. There are more students who took the MCAT and only wrote the CARS section. (My roommate is one of the latter.) There are a good bunch of us who are your age or older. I was 26 when I applied. We have students in their 30s. There are also a few students that I know of living with chronic illnesses, some of whom are amazing, outspoken advocates. I think it's a great idea to write for CARS and give the application a try. For you, as well as for any student
  2. Hi premedcal, I still don't have my notes with me (most prolonged move everrr) but as far as I remember my CARS scores on the TPR FLs were consistently around 128-129. And I scored a 132 on the real exam. Good luck!!
  3. Hmm, I think my bio scores were similar on the practice and real tests, but I can't double-check because my notes are in a box in a truck moving across the country If I remember correctly, my practice bio scores ranged between about 126-130, and I scored a 128.
  4. Hi Click, Personally, I'd say the biology passages on the real test are really challenging. I assume that they know the majority of applicants are strong in biology, and so they make that section really difficult in order to see meaningful variation between students. I found the real exam more challenging than the TPR practice tests in terms of biology. And yes, I think I would say that the difficulty comes from complex passages and questions that expect a fairly high level of application and insight. (But maybe that's my perspective because I have limited biology training...? Perhaps
  5. How about this perspective? I'm sympathetic to this view. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/dr-brenna-velker/physician-services-agreement_b_11174174.html
  6. Hi Ukmedstudent, Thanks for asking. It's obviously a complicated issue and I only have a tiny bit of (anecdotal) experience to bring to the table. That said, as a family member, I would ask that physicians remember that assisted death is now an intervention legally available to patients and they have the right to ask about it and to receive up-to-date information about how the process works and what choices are available to them. My main wish is for doctors to remember that the choice belongs to the patient. Only the patient can judge their own quality of life. I once received some ve
  7. Hi Wasteman, I'd love to know more about how basic income might be implemented. In so many ways I think it's a crucial policy. Fighting to stay on welfare often becomes a full time job itself, as recipients have to stay on top of bureaucrats who constantly challenge or arbitrarily cut off all or part of their income. The stress of insecurity, not to mention low incomes and lack of affordable housing, takes real tolls on people's health and ability to thrive. A basic income COULD stop the constant interrogation and threatening of people on social assistance and the bureaucracy required
  8. Thank you, Bambi. I hope you are right. One of the things this experience has taught me is that it can be really hard to be actively compassionate, even with the best of intentions. Caregiving is really hard. Despite having tried like heck, I have lots of regrets, especially about my ability to give the level of emotional energy that I wished I could always give... Something to continue to strive for.
  9. Hi Click, Glad to hear that your scores are going up In general I did find the TPR FLs similar in style to the real test. I found the CARS section on the real test to be easier than the TPR sections. I might say that the psych/soc section felt more like a vocabulary test in the real test (seemed to involve less application, more definitions, and more terms I didn't know) than I was used to with TPR. I found the science sections quite similar to the TPR sections. Content always varies, of course, but I think TPR and the real test have the same approach (in all sections): both tend
  10. Hi Canucks, I don't think I could have completed even close to 13 FLs myself, but everyone's different. I also didn't have the money for a course. I am sure they include lots of help in addition to the tests themselves. It probably doesn't make sense to get the whole course just for the practice tests, but there are probably a number of reasons to sign up for one. They're not really my style though and I din't have the funds I meant that I found the Kaplan materials too detailed and inefficient. I really liked the EK books, and the TPR tests, as you note, were invaluable. I
  11. What do you know -- I joined ON July 11th. So I guess I'm not off the hook.
  12. Hey Ploughboy, I think my main question is: what were the membership hoping for with this agreement that they didn't get? I understand that people seem to want the right to binding arbitration, but the OMA is still pursuing a charter challenge to achieve that and agreeing to this deal doesn't get in the way of that. So that seems moot. (Plus, I hate to say it, but binding arbitration really isn't such hot shakes. For people who already don't trust the government or the OMA to represent them, why would they trust a wildcard arbitrator?) Did they want a reversal of the cuts of two years ba
  13. Hi again Wasteman I made my decision to apply to medicine before my mom was diagnosed. I don't intend to specialize in palliative or geriatrics or anything, but I am aiming for family medicine so I would expect it to be part of what I'd do. In general I'd like to help amplify patient voices & experiences if I can. When my mom was diagnosed I had just moved across the country with my partner. My mom had seen some terrible things happen between sick family members and caregivers, and she insisted that I continue to pursue my goals even though she was sick. It took me while to come t
  14. Thanks, Lifeisawesome. It was a damn difficult time. Just to clarify -- while the last couple of years have truly been difficult, the hardest parts were watching my mom lose more and more of her abilities, fearing that she would pursue an early death in secret, fearing complications from an unassisted attempt at death, wrestling with the homecare system and jumping through hoops to bring the care team on side, and, obviously, losing my mom --- not being the one to help my mom apply for assistance with her death. (You probably understood this; I just felt I needed to make it explicit.)
  15. Hi everyone, I've been thinking about starting this thread for a while. I'm doing it because assisted dying is so newly legal and there are therefore few of us with firsthand knowledge of what it means to patients and families. It's very new, and therefore I think a lot of physicians are afraid of it. If it's an issue that you think you may find yourself involved in, I'd like to offer you my perspective, as merely one person affected. My mom had ALS, which means that under the current assisted-dying law she would probably not have qualified for an assisted death. ALS is considered
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