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  1. You are a prospect for the PT program and with that desire you will eventually get in!
  2. Hi, The Rehab faculties will be aware of the applicants who apply to both the PT and the OT programs and may become aware of the contents of the letters. However, it is a typical phenomenon and expected, it will not affect your chances. Best, Steph
  3. He was referring to the Queen's program specifically.
  4. Hope you are well. I am a current second year Queens PT student. The SubGPA does not signify the lowest accepted grade. Last year, frankly, the GPA cut off was lowered in order to view even more applicants and assess their portfolios, hence even more competitive. The average GPA of incoming first years this year was 3.847. There were a handful with 3.9+ and others with below 3.8. Hope this helps. steph
  5. I feel dumb, I meant to say Western, I got waitlisted at UT ... I would have considered home city if I got in to be really honest.. lol
  6. I was just wondering how everyone was doing during their house hunting times. I'm having a very hard time!!
  7. Not sure if you guys are for OT or PT (I'm PT), I've just visited Queen's campus through their open house this morning and I LOVED it.. I chose today, Queens, over UofT and Mac for PT. I mean I did my undergrad at UofT so maybe that had an affect on my decision. I wanted something different.
  8. sorry but could you guys fill me in? I haven't even fully accepted my offers as I'm still doing my research between Queens, Western and Mac. How did you all get your student numbers and activate the email already?
  9. sleep sleep sleep! travel and enjoy the next four months because it'll fly by and the following two years will be a haul especially for you PT people!!! I meant that to be a joke but it's also very true... Aside from this, I was told to take some time to review anatomy and study them in advance as the program will throw us in the deep end waters right from the get go, having tests daily from the first week. Again I think this is the time for us to do things we've always wanted to do with life, most of us will be doing our two years and begin our careers... then life just gets too r
  10. First off, I'm a grad student that's about to enter the program in Sept, not someone already in the program, so I apologize in advance but I wanted to write some of my thoughts!! :) To be honest I was rooting for UofT PT but I only got waitlisted.. but my #1 reason for wanting UofT is probably the same as many other people - It is closer to home (if you're from GTA...) I'm stuck between Queens, Mac and Western PT and the more I do my research and speak to the current/past students, I feel like I would enjoy Queens. I find Mac to be such a hit or miss. We all talk about how great
  11. I'm stuck in between Queens PT and McMaster PT and I have a huge headache weighing the two schools.... I thought being in this position would be a happy struggle but this is actually very very stressful!!!!
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