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  1. school interviewing at: Calgary specialty: Family current interview date: March 11 AM date would like to switch to: any other day any additional notes:
  2. Contact your school and then disciplinary action? With small programs, word spreads quick. Stuff like that. I'm not trying to be fear mongering, nor do I know if there would even be consequences. Just bringing it up for discussion in case this might be a situation where it would be better to tread lightly .
  3. While I see where everyone is coming from saying it would be okay to email after rejection, I feel like it could be seen as unsolicited emailing, harassment, unprofessional, etc. I wonder if there are any rules regarding this?
  4. Would you advise that I use a verifier of whom is a close friend or family member? Or just leave that section blank?
  5. It seems that UBC is open to a few casual activities in the application, as they want to find out more about you as an individual. However, they also mentioned "unverifiable activities will be disregarded..". For me, I have been pursuing a hobby of mine for the past 7 years that I allocate at least 10 hours of the week to. This has been a consistent commitment, yet it is an independent activity that will not yield any sort of official verifier. Should I bother including it? If so, should I put down a verifier (probably a close friend or family member, of whom they also frown upon) or just
  6. Hi all. Going through old secondaries at the moment and noticed that a lot of schools refer to the "academic year". This may be a stupid question, but does this include summers? In particular, the last 2 summers of school I did not take classes and instead did the MCAT, worked payed jobs, volunteered...etc. Is that part of the academic year or separate? Also, if that is not part of the academic year, is that considered "taking time off" during my undergraduate studies? Thanks!
  7. Screwed?! Even if the error had to do with their capabilities to convert to semester hours? Are there no circumstances where they can account for more than 10 course changes? Its pretty crushing if this is the reality of the situation, especially as an applicant that put so much effort into the application process while also investing large sums of money.
  8. I go to UVIC, and we receive 1.5 credits for classes, which is what I put down as the credits in the AMCAS application. I also indicated "and lab" at the end of courses where there was a lab component. However, when the official transcript at UVIC will say on it that there is a lab, it will be given 0.0 credits. Also, sometimes it doesn't say there is a lab at all, even though there was a lab every week! So the fate of my semester hours was in AMCAS's hands, and they messed up. ALL of my courses were given "3 semester hours", where I had 18 labs!!! Thats 18 semester hours missed, which is huge
  9. By standing around, I am still in the room with the patient watching everything since I am not writing information down the entire time.
  10. Sorry about me misunderstanding, but do you mean that you think the standing around part is NOT shadowing? Or are you saying the standing around part IS shadowing?
  11. I worked a paid position in an opthalmology clinic, which included many hours of scribing for the eye specialist. Would these hours be considered shadowing? If not, would it be at least fair to estimate a portion of my scribing time to be shadowing since there is a lot of standing around involved?
  12. I understand that the AMCAS application goes by semester hours. However, my school uses credits, where 1.5 credits = 1 full semester course and the labs have 0.0 credits. Also, some of the courses I took didn't even indicate a lab section, but instead the lab sections were predetermined by the lecture you choose. More simply put, the courses definitely had a lab component that was not indicated on the transcript. 1) Do I put down the credits from my institution for each course or convert to semester hours? (1.5 credits vs. 3 hours/4 hours) 2) Should I add "and lab" to the courses that
  13. So I would have to tell them of the individual courses that the professors instructed rather than considering the degree holistically? Referring to the courses being lighter, at my institution you need to apply to get into the Kin program and there are strict GPA cut-offs + maximum students/year, which makes it competitive to get into. Is that different to other Kin programs at schools? I have heard that some schools just throw all of the exercise-related students (including aspiring PE teachers) into one pool and label it "Kinesiology". If so, would that be worth mentioning to the offices
  14. First post here! I am finishing a bachelor of science in Kinesiology, BUT, the degree is within the faculty of education. Logically, I thought that Kinesiology courses would be science, but its not in the faculty of science. This is also a completely different degree to recreation and health education, which is also at our school, where students would take a bunch of sport courses like "Badminton" and they receive a bachelor of arts. In Kinesiology, we take cellular physiology, systemic physiology, exercise physiology, motor learning, motor control, functional anatomy, etc. In addition,
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