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  1. Anyone called to inquire about this ? All dates and everything are messed up !
  2. Is it safe to assume that those who haven’t heard anything are refused ?!!
  3. I think you’re referring to the movement of the wl ? Or is it something I might be missing ?
  4. Guess it’s first acceptances, then waitlisters, then rejections...
  5. My guess is that only a handful of applicants have been contacted... there are so many potentially wonderful applicants here that have not heard back, so, I think mostly we will know more after 3 pm, similar to last year...
  6. Congrats. It’ll be great if you posted your stats as well...
  7. Just called and asked, she is soooo nice... she said they will be released today, in the morning and in the afternoon. She said the chair will call those who have been admitted...
  8. I don’t know, but I’m sure they were aware of what they told me
  9. I called them on Thursday and they said results will be out on Monday.
  10. Don’t really think it was them lol unless adcom wanted to contact them to ensure their number is working
  11. Nothing yet, apparently they start releasing decisions in the afternoon....
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