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  1. Yes 5% is different than 1%. And no you won't be making 225k in Toronto as a new grad. Not sure what the point of this digression was.
  2. Okay, top 5%? 10%? My point stands. Also, 225000 is very much doable within 1 or 2 years of graduating
  3. I was exactly in your shoes, reading all of these forum posts during dental school and fretting about whether or not the efforts were worth it. I can tell you, that as a newly graduating dentist, you will almost definitely be in the top 1% of earners in Canada (if you make some concessions about where you want to live and practice, i.e. you don't NEED to work in GTA). You will be pleasantly surprised with how much you can make with relatively modest efforts on your part. You won't be "on-call," you won't have to skip lunch and work 12 hour days, and you can pretty much choose what kind of dent
  4. I've heard from current 3rd year (going to 4th year) Western students that they may be put into the sim clinic until January. I know it can't be helped, but it totally sucks for them. The situation for 1st and 2nd year students probably won't be affected much, except that won't be able to shadow/assist in the clinic until January
  5. Thanks so much for doing this! So important to get through these tough times together. Wishing you all the best. Too bad admissions look at flaunted achievements rather than those acts of goodness that some people do discretely. You will one day make an amazing clinician (if that's the path you choose). PM me if I could be any resource at all to you or anyone else. All the best
  6. To add on to what Zaandrei said, and I think I've mentioned my perspective on this in a different thread, but LOC should honestly be the least of your worries. The interest on your LOC is actually comparable to some mortgage rates, and you see people take out sizable mortgages of upwards of 700k these days in Toronto and often they're making nowhere near a dentist's salary. It's all about your priorities and how you choose to budget your income after you graduate. You often see people post about how long it is gonna take them to pay off their debt and making statements like "for 10 years you'l
  7. Classmate of mine actually left dentistry for med after 1st year, so they must really not care...
  8. I'm (hopefully) graduating from UWO this year and I can only speak for our curriculum: 100 operative surfaces 5 endos (1 upper molar, 1 lower molar, 1 upper premolar, 1 lower premolar, 1 anterior tooth) 5 removable prosth arches (3 complete dentures, 1 cast partial, 1 transitional partial) - this one is very variable 4 units of fixed prosth (i.e. crowns - bridges count but not everyone gets a bridge case) 4 cases of periodontal disease (treatment planning, scaling, re-assessment) 4 pediatric treatments (stainless steel crowns, extractions, fillings) Other sof
  9. Currently looking for associateship position and this thread was a very depressing read LOL. Quick comment about finances: people constantly give examples of "your income will be ___ if you try to pay off your debt in 10 years, which is basically the income of a teacher/nurse/etc." Is this perspective actually accurate? Excluding OSAP, there is absolutely no pressure to pay off your debt - the bank LOC does not convert into a loan, and all you're forced to pay is the monthly interest (which for me is currently about 750 dollars a month on a 230k debt). In fact, very few other careers off
  10. I think they give you a textbook resource in their information for the exam, you will have to refer to that. All that matters is that you pass. If you're not sure about whether you need to write it or not, I would email admissions and tell them your situation and go by whatever they say.
  11. Hey! Obviously it's hard to offer a complete perspective unless someone has gone to both schools, but I can do my best as a current 4th yr at western. For me the biggest aspect of the decision was finances. In London I got an apartment for 1k per month (all-included) which was spacious for my wife and I, and within walking distance of school. Other than that, I personally knew that I would hate the hustle and bustle of Toronto, and I'm not really too social, so that whole nightlife thing wasn't that appealing to me. Keep in mind, you'll probably form really close bonds and friendship
  12. Pros and cons can't really be generalized even across two people. Everyonr is different. Toronto was a "-" in my book . To each their own. Every school has its pros and cons for sure. But I think your attitude will be the biggest factor in whether you have a good experience or not. Trust me you will find things you can complain about regardless of which school you choose. Congrats to all who were accepted this year and I wish the very best to you all
  13. I can't speak to how this degree compares to a 2-year master, but I'm pretty sure that IF there is a bonus given to graduate students then this degree would most likely qualify you as one.
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