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  1. Hi there, I'm going to be applying this summer for Dal Med, but I'm torn on whether or not I should re-write the mcat. I got a 505, with a breakdown of 125 Bio-126 CARS-127 Chem-127 Psych.
  2. I have a million things to do tonight, and it just got pushed back another 10 minutes.
  3. Hello, Can someone tell me if Dal rounds your gpa to the nearest 10th from each year before calculating the average or is it just rounded after? For example, say I have a 3.88 one year and 3.97 the next year. Would the calculation be 1. (3.88+3.97) /2= 3.925 which is then rounded to 3.9 2. (3.9+4.0)/2=3.95 which is then rounded to 4.0 Thanks!
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