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  1. Hey! My overall score was about 78 I really hope it works out for you!
  2. Received an offer off the waitlist from Dal 2 days ago, and just declined it today due to offers elsewhere. So the waitlist is still moving! Hang in there guys and best of luck
  3. Hey everyone, I am fortunate and extremely grateful to have received multiple offers this year and I'm currently having trouble deciding between UBC and U of T, similar to others who have previously posted. I was just wondering what the current weekly schedule would be in the first year or first 2 years of the program? I was having trouble finding information on this on the U of T website. I just wanted to visualize what each week would look like in terms of lectures, clinical, etc. and how it compares to the curriculum at UBC. Thanks in advance!
  4. I feel the same way, it's also been really hard to focus on studying for exams lol
  5. Did you guys get a reply btw when you emailed them about keeping your name on the waitlist?
  6. Do they ask if you have any questions at the end of each of the 4 interviews, as they do in panel interviews? Is it encouraged to ask questions for each interviewer?
  7. Whoa how would someone with 83-85 be waitlisted and not get in?? Makes me wonder how high the cutoff was for the 9 spots...
  8. Do all OOP applicants have to submit proof of citizenship? I'm also an OOP applicant but I didn't get an email...
  9. thanks for the info! yeah I really wish they had sent out the email earlier. Just wondering, about how many questions did you prepare for the panel portion?
  10. thank you for the reply! how long were the mmi and panel portions btw?
  11. Hey guys, apparently the whole interview process is supposed to last 3.5 hours, but they haven't sent out a follow-up email or anything about how long the actual interview itself is, so it's difficult to plan out when to attend the other activities planned out during the interview weekend. How long are the MMI and panel interviews each? And does the MMI consist of 7 stations? I'm aware of the confidentiality agreement, which is why I'm not asking for any specifics or anything, just how long the interview portions are so I can better plan out the day. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey everyone, for those of us who applied through the CNFS stream, are the offers sent out in mid-March? If that is the case, how long would we have to accept or decline our offer, i.e. do we only have a week to give our answer or would we have until May? I'm just worried since I'd be waiting for replies from other schools in May, and was wondering if accepting the offer for CNFS would mean that any offers from other schools would be revoked? Thanks in advance.
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