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    keepingitreal got a reaction from catchlynall in Anonymous Oop Waitlist Poll   
    Received an offer off the waitlist from Dal 2 days ago, and just declined it today due to offers elsewhere. So the waitlist is still moving! Hang in there guys and best of luck  
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    keepingitreal reacted to rmorelan in Good Luck Tomorrow!   
    Always hard to put into words what it is like the day before the results come out - tomorrow some people will have their hopes fulfilled, others have them delayed from a wait list or possibly have to reapply, and some will reach the end of the amount of time/effort they want to expend on this.
    Regardless you are all exceptionally hard working students, and no matter what will go on to do amazing things. For those that do get in congratulations on reaching the next phase! For others with interviews if you are reapplying remember people often do have make more than one attempt, and if you are getting interviews then you are close to the mark.
    I wish you all the best! The moderators - myself included - will be watching with anticipation. 
    Good luck now, and in all things!
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    keepingitreal reacted to IMislove in Post-Interview Talks   
    How I feel about tomorrow and this whole wait 
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    keepingitreal reacted to habromania in Post Interview Discussion   
    will i even be brave enough to check on the 9th tho?? i'm always terrified of checking important looking emails and things (grades etc), but I guess I'm doing okay since I've made it this far...
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    keepingitreal reacted to RichardDegrasseSagan in Post Interview Discussion   
    Shoutout to Keratoconus for his May 10th survival pack expertise last year:

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    keepingitreal reacted to jojo123 in Post-Interview Talks   
    Hello fellow premed101 forum dwellers, 
    if you're interview didn't go as well as planned, don't fret! I know many people currently in my class who thought their MMI went horrendously or that they felt like they messed up on more than one station
    I know it's easier said than done but try to take the next few days to not overthink everything that happened on interview day and maybe plan something to do for the day that you're getting the email so regardless of what it says you'll have something to spend that day doing  
    based on the thread it looks like the incoming class of 2021 is going to have some dank meme game! good luck and we hope Queen's is your #1 choice if you're accepted! we look forward to welcoming you to our family  
    - one of the 2020's 
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    keepingitreal reacted to aray623 in Post Interview Discussion   
    Only 9 more hours and we're into the same month that offers are given out! 

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    keepingitreal reacted to applicant111 in Post-Interview Talks   
    Me currently and every subsequent moment till may 9th
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    keepingitreal reacted to kol26 in May 12Th Support Thread   
    Hey everyone! 
    I don't know about you guys but I can't stop thinking about May 12th... how set my life will be if I get in, and how frustrated I will be having to work another year if I don't. I'm trying not to be neurotic and obsess over this, but I legit can't help it. I must spend at least a few hours everyday looking through the accepted/rejected/waitlisted thread and comparing my stats, seeing if I can find some kind of trend. At work, on my breaks, at the gym, on the skytrain, even out with friends, I can not stop it's so annoying haha. I just want that day to come and go so I can move on with my life and know what exactly my next steps will be. Waiting in this limbo and not knowing is frustrating. 
    How is everyone else? I wish I had taken a vacation from work and enjoyed these 3 weeks till we find out. 
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    keepingitreal reacted to cookacola in Ottawa Interview Discussion/countdown To May 9 2017   
    Just got an email asking to do the post-interview survey. Almost shit myself seeing an email from uOttawa hahaha. 20 days!
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    keepingitreal reacted to Lothrandir in Post Interview Support Thread   
    Anyone else going through cycles of depression, confusion, and optimism? 
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    keepingitreal reacted to Sincere in Ottawa Interview Discussion/countdown To May 9 2017   
    Also, at my interview this year, one of the candidates had her boyfriend break up with her the day before her interview... knowing she had it the next day. Classy, eh? 
    And as for doctors marrying doctors... wouldn't that be great?  I want to find long term / life long friends in med school. I see all those classmates as future colleagues but some of the friends I'd wanna make, I'd want it to be a real connection. Someone who gets you, your dreams, aspirations, goals, ambition... etc. I always thought that ideally I'd be friends with a guy before having a relationship with him... that way I can know him flaws and all
    And the best ways to find a good lasting friendship is unplanned repeated interactions ( eg. school/work), proximity (neighbours...), and common interests... So med school ticks in 2 of the boxes. Makes sense to want to find a "mate" there. Ya know?
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    keepingitreal reacted to HopefulFutureMD in Ottawa Interview Discussion/countdown To May 9 2017   
    Can some of you guys please stay single so us single ladies applying to med school don't end up forever alone...? lmao XD
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    keepingitreal reacted to Sauna in Post-Interview Talks   
    Any other 4th years have senioritis?
    About to get my first 3.7 since first year and I don’t even care lol
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    keepingitreal reacted to Sauna in Post-Interview Talks   
    Me: I did fine, no need to worry!
    Me 2 seconds later:

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    It was August. I was home. 3 medical schools had waitlisted me and for months, the wait was grueling. I had made no plans for the year if I was not accepted. Finally, I got the acceptance email. As it was a francophone school, the email was in French. I couldn't believe what I was reading! So, I immediately phoned the medical school to confirm that my reading of it was correct. And the secretary with whom I spoke confirmed to me that indeed, I was accepted. It was all the sweeter b/c this was my first choice. I then proceeded to cry - tears of joy - for at least an hour! Then, after composing myself, I called family members to share the wonderful news. And immediately thereafter, as I was moving to another city, I had only a little time to find a car, buy it, find an apartment, shop for blinds, furniture, fix it up, settle in and start school.
    Acceptance into my surgical residency was not nearly as dramatic lol. However, once again I was overjoyed. I had a car but as I was moving cities, I had to find an apartment, furnish it, settle in and start residency.
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    keepingitreal reacted to blacklabcoats in Anonymous Oop Waitlist Poll   
    I did not.
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    keepingitreal reacted to catchlynall in Anonymous Oop Waitlist Poll   
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    keepingitreal reacted to bw326 in Accepted/Rejected/Deferred/Waitlisted for Current Applicants   
    I've received an email about this question. Here's their response:
    Thank you for your email.
    The average scores provided for the successful applicants in your category include those who have been accepted and those who have been waitlisted.  Applicants who have been waitlisted are considered to be acceptable by the admissions committee  however there are only 9 positions available for out of province applicants.  The non-maritime category is highly competitive, with a large number of applications to be considered each year.
    I hope this helps to clarify your question.
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    keepingitreal reacted to syedwa2 in Queens Interview Timing   
    Simply ask questions you truly want to know the answer to. I have 3 questions, but it would be nice to ask a program related question, and one personal question related to your needs (e.g., do I need a car for the first 2 years of the program?)
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    keepingitreal reacted to syedwa2 in Queens Interview Timing   
    I don't think you missed an email. Even I didn't get anything. This is my second time interviewing at Queens, and last year, they sent us an interview information email 2 days before our actual interview to tell us about the type of stations, etc., but I don't know why they didn't this year. Maybe they are late in the process.
    Regardless, my whole interview last year lasted for 1.5 hours. After the MMI, they walk you downstairs into a large lecture room, and one by one people get called for personal interviews. I got called in 10 minutes. This lasts for 20 minutes, and then you can ask questions. Hope this helps.
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    keepingitreal reacted to ihsh in Queens Interview Timing   
    When I interviewed at Queen's last year, the total time varied between candidates because not all of us had our panel interviews at the same time. Instead, we had to wait in a classroom to be called for our panel interview.
    Not sure if the structure is the same this year, but the "3.5 hours" probably accounts for the worst possible scenario where you are the last person to complete your panel interview.
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    keepingitreal reacted to tulip543 in How's Everyone Doing?   
    I'm going to be so anxious in March waiting to hear back.
    I know that there are 9 spots for OOP applicants but I was wondering if anyone knows how many wait-list spots there are for OOP. Thanks!
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    keepingitreal reacted to NBgeegee17 in Cnfs Offers   
    I am also a CNFS student in 2nd year. The offers are also sent in May...the timeline is exactly the same as the other applicants!
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