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  1. First year at U of T here. -Class averages: Mostly in the mid 80s, a few harder tests were in the 70s and a few easier ones were low 90s. The environment is non-competitive in the sense that everyone is very willing to help each other and lots of people voluntarily share notes and recordings. However, it is competitive in the sense that despite grades "not mattering as much", most of the class still studies really hard, hence the high averages. -Clinical exposure: In first year you start assisting in October (every other week until early April). You assist upper years and the experience i
  2. You definitely don't have to give up everything else during dental school! I actually have similar hobbies as you and managed to fit in 1-3 yoga classes per week (depending on midterm schedules), spend almost an hour cooking every day, and keep in touch with non-dental friends. You do have to work hard though, most of us do a few hours of studying every weeknight plus a big chunk of the weekend. Nobody said becoming a dentist is easy, but it doesn't have to be brutal and soul-sucking! Message me if you have any questions!
  3. Our class is 1.5 months into dental school so far and I've heard many people say this is the most overwhelmed they've ever felt. None of the material is difficult and most of it is very interesting and relevant. The issue is the sheer volume of the content and the 9-5 classes. It can be very draining. I'd say it's a different type of stress though. Instead of worrying about your future and how one bad test will ruin your chances, you're stressed about keeping up with classes and balancing school with personal life. A bad test is a bummer, but it does not have a substantial consequence. (PS I
  4. Some upper year U of T students told me that if you did a masters or PhD, there is a certain % boost for your GPA (Sorry I forgot the exact percentage). The number has changed in recent years though, so we can't be sure what boost you'll be receiving, if any at all.
  5. Personally, I was deciding between dentistry, medicine, or research. Here are my reasons for deciding on dentistry: 1. I enjoy hands-on work and having tangible outcomes from my work. 2. Lots of direct interaction with patients. 3. Work environment- small, tight-knit teams. 4. Ability to have flexible hours and work part time if needed. Of course, everything has its pros and cons, and many other careers share these characteristics. I would suggest you to shadow as much as you can before making the final decision =)
  6. When looking for a job, what factors do you think are the most important? (Eg, Clinical experience, networking, extra-curriculars, grades)
  7. For November 2015, a 22AA was 82 percentile.
  8. Nope. Does anyone know if it's supposed to come in the mail or just email?
  9. The second deposit is August 5th for U of T. Not sure about the other things you asked about. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for starting the thread! It would be great to hear how clinic work of different schools are organized. From what I've heard, there will still be classes in 3rd and 4th year and clinic takes roughly half of your time (correct me if I'm wrong). Adding to the question: I heard that it's a huge learning curve going from second year to third year because that's the first time you have your own patients as opposed to assisting/shadowing. Is there a similar leap going into 4th year? For example, being more independent, performing more difficult procedures, etc? Thanks again!
  11. How often do you need to stick around school for the evening for extra lab sessions, events, etc? How well do you get to know the faculty? Lastly, students always tell us that they have plenty of time for extra-curriculars despite the 8-5 schedule. Where does this time come from? (Evenings?) Thank you so much for doing this!
  12. ^#7 started back in the day when the "xTy" nomenclature made sense, eg, class of 1945 would be class of forty five/four-tee-five/4T5. It kind of just carried on even though the pronunciation no longer fits.
  13. Rejected (Not even waitlisted) 92.6% IP 29/24 Not very surprised since I had a quite cringe-worthy interview- I didn't prep at all since I felt like I did really well at U of T and wasn't keen on moving to London due to personal reasons. My ABS was average/slightly above average. Posting this here to show that GPA and DAT don't guarantee you a seat, seems like the interview and ABS are worth a lot! I'm glad that they're taking this more hollistic approach. Congrats to all accepted! =D
  14. Thanks for all the input! I live with a younger sibling and in undergrad I was able to get home and cook dinner most evenings...guess that's going to have to change. Already have Netflix handy though =P
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