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  1. This is a good point! Go see your family doctor or even a walk-in doctor if you don't have a family doc if you are feeling like your low feelings are getting in the way of functioning. You don't have to go it alone!
  2. Try not to focus on your age, you are still quite young! I didn't start medical school until I was 29, many others start even later. And if your goal changes to something else, I doubt it will be too late to change directions.
  3. It's definitely a fear, especially because I didn't get as many interviews as I had hoped for. My hope is of course that I match but I am prepared for whatever may come. I've faced challenges before and I just have to have some faith in my ability to problem solve and make the most out of any situation. Also, I am trying to have some faith that my interviews did go as well as they felt to me. Every single one of us could find something we could've done better during this cycle, in the end it's a numbers game.
  4. Ah the schools all know by noon EDT on the 19th who didn't match (opt-ins only obviously). At Mac we're told we should hear back no later than 4:30pm. So just 4.5 hours of intense anxiety lol
  5. And only 7 to go if you opted in to have your school tell you that you DIDN'T match on the 19th My brain tried to trick me while i was half asleep this morning and convinced me TODAY was the 19th, had a little panicky wake up then remembered how time works. Hopefully this isn't a new trend in my dreams lol.
  6. Either way, it's just over a week left to go, so you're not spending too much more time on hold!
  7. *screams internally* Good luck with studying, that will be me come the last week of April through May!
  8. yeah I am on family med right now and it's too chill, I have so much time to stress out....
  9. I took Prep101 for the MCAT and it did the job. I had no biochem or physics in undergrad (but did have orgo and general chem and bio). It is a lot of information at once, but they get you learning it on a schedule in time to write the exam and if you're engaged in the learning and try to address where it's not clicking along the way I think it does work well. I scored competitively on my first write, but I'll be honest it was the non-natural science sections that really saved me. I did fine on the natural science sections but they weren't high enough for Western cut offs for example. I think r
  10. I think the fact that everything is out of our hands now until Match Day has a sort of pacifying effect, at least some of the time. Every so often the impulse to want to control the outcome kicks in futilely and the anxiety kicks up a notch but yeah, for me now it's mostly a medium level sense of anticipation rather than full body stress like with interviews.
  11. Yeah I keep checking on mine too lol after April 8 maybe that at least will stop?
  12. So soon but so far away still! I feel like there should just be automatic Ativan prescriptions for med students during this period of CaRMS lol
  13. Just as an FYI, Queen's doesn't distinguish between OOP or in province. So you might as well apply there!
  14. I used transit in Victoria and Vancouver as a worker and student quite successfully. I agree with above poster about Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Nanaimo. They are suburban/exurban. Victoria has a lot going on arts and culture wise and I was never bored living there. The weather also cannot be beat in Canada (if you like mild weather and nature in your city that is, my own biases). If you were to do rotations there you'd probably need a car for anything community based outside the municipalities (Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich and Esquimalt). Rent is cheaper than Vancouver or Toronto but still not c
  15. I mean people talk and if you do this it can get around and you'll be seen as insincere, especially if your peers know you're gunning for one specialty. It's not guaranteed to happen but I would not recommend it. If you are truly considering multiple areas I think it's fine to state that you are very interested if you actually are and let them know it's one area your considering for CaRMS. A fair number of students are undecided well into clerkship. I would say to get good evaluations show you're invested in taking good care of your patients and in improving your relevant clinical skillse
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