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  1. My thesis defense date got pushed back due to department scheduling conflicts. Does anyone know an accepted student that had to delay their masters thesis defense past august 15th? Any other information would also be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sure. I was accepted directly but here's mine. IP GPA: 3.85 DAT: BIO 24, CHEM 25, PAT 23, RC 24 Interview: Below
  3. This is a very difficult question to answer objectively as it depends on plethora of factors such as specialization or choice in university. However, looking strictly at the standardized tests for the two options, the MCAT has an organic chemistry section, while the Canadian DAT does not. Unfortunately, having a lower grade in a core course such as chemistry can severely anchor your chances in achieving a high and competitive GPA for admission.
  4. What would it take for a dental student, receiving the CIBC professional student line of credit, to NOT be approved for those cards? Please give us a concrete answer since the cohort you are dealing with is reasonably homogeneous. The advisor for ScotiaBank was very straightforward (see below). Thanks for the response.
  5. The following is from this thread: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/84613-funding-dental-school-uwoschulich/
  6. Scotia Bank is offering their Scotia Gold Passport with the annual fees waived for the entire four years of studies in addition to free travel rewards. What can we get from CIBC?
  7. Hi Nalin, It appears that the big-5 are all offering roughly the same line of credit. What would you say gives CIBC the advantage over other banks? Help us decide.
  8. I am offering the same book, but for those in London.
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