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  1. Yeah I saw that too ... Pics below for those wondering (Notice the faint green in the zipper):
  2. Ah I thought so, I actually did the exact same thing, leadership class in high school. I listed it and ticked off the course credit box. I'm assuming you're gonna have one of your leadership teachers verify too and they'd also prefer you ticked off the box and you should let them know you've indicated this when applying. I don't think it diminishes the value or "score" of the activity but helps reviewers better understand the activity and ensures you've been completely honest
  3. Yup, you would check of the course credit box. Although do you have more details on the experience?
  4. I know the UBC med magazine fall edition typically has the list at the end but the online available ones only go till 2015/2016 or something like that.
  5. So you need to submit all grades/transcripts for med apps but for what its worth, I took a few summer courses at a diff school during my undergrad and never got around to transferring the credits to my original school and it was never an issue. However, this was the summer after my first year at my original school and I technically acquired a letter of permission to do so. In your case, if you just submitted both transcripts, I doubt anyone would question it and you're not really hiding any grades from your professional school apps. School 2 probably wouldn't be too happy if they found out you
  6. My advisor said the acceptance email was enough to complete the process and release all funds. Just that I have to get a proof of enrolment letter to him within 30 days afterwards.
  7. So Scotia also gives the Amex Gold which would give another 150$ equivalent if you spend $1000 in the first 90 days. So the fees waived on the Passport Infinite and Amex Gold are about 240$ a year combined. The passport infinite also comes with free lounge access which has a value of about $260 per year. If you don't travel that doesnt mean much but we'll all have to travel quite a bit for electives+interviews later on and if you fly once a year or so you're still getting value. That adds up like you said. They also provided unlimited e-transfers when I asked. If I add it up that way Scotia wo
  8. I also emailed Cindy but she was initially offering the Scotia Gold Passport card instead of the Scotia Passport Visa Infinite
  9. English I think wGPA would be around 3.96, and Friday
  10. Just wanted to let people know, got an offer few days ago, but after some deliberation, will be declining it! Hoping someone out there gets good news soon!
  11. Sorry, just curious which school you go to since you mentioned you're not at UofT? You seem to know quite a bit about UofT which is why I ask (respectfully)
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