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  1. Dont give up - I had similar stats to yours (my GPA was a little higher but my NAQ was lower, same MCAT score) - it really comes down to being yourself in the interview. My first year of interviewing I went in there being someone I wasnt and I got below average - the second year I prepared like crazy (knock on door, shake hands, ask if i can have a seat, blah blah) and the second I walked into the interviews I just forgot it all and tried to be myself, even getting teary-eyed at one of the stations, and it worked out. Preparation is good but I would caution over-prep as you dont want to come
  2. Im a NMP 2020er - Its a great program - very well established, excellent facilities, and great professors. Staff are extremely supportive and everyone is super laid back. Like others have said, it doesnt matter where you go, but there are definite benefits to the NMP. Plus youve got an awesome class a year ahead of you that will take care of you guys. Honestly, after a year here I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. You have lots to look forward to.
  3. Hoomans - A few things I think you need to consider: 1) You are very close to breaking confidentiality, as others have said, and you need to be very careful of this, especially if/when you enter Medicine. 2) I went through the interview process twice (accepted on my second try) - I didnt prepare at all my first time, but heavily prepared the second - you must understand that as with many things in life, different approaches work for different people. 3) I know you are excited about your performance, and you should be, but you should also think about toning it down a bit. T
  4. You have to fill out these sections unfortunately, even if it doesn't apply to the entry - I had some of these and I just put 1 and briefly explained myself in the box that asks you to divulge on the frequency of the activity. Hope that helps
  5. I dont see a problem with putting your black belt or the basketball championship in high performance - its meant to be a high achievement section - id say those are high achievements..ive rock climbed many years and i put climbing expert in there and it worked out fof me..i think you may be overthinking it a bit.
  6. Pretty sure i put some activities that weren't necessarily rural - like for the 'independent decision making' category I put something where I was a supervisor, if I remember right - but I don't think that's a problem, so long as you be honest as to where it was if it asks you.
  7. Hey can a first year tell me about these 'progress tests' throughout the semester? Cheers
  8. I thought about doing that but I'm not sure its the best option, tbh - the academic reference has to be someone that has observed your classroom study skills - research would be more work/lab skills, unless it was a lab class. Honestly, I was a mature applicant too - sometimes you have to dig deep and find someone willing to go to bat for you - profs are generally nice and want to help. A lot of people have this problem, you just have to be that guy that is willing to have those awkward conversations with profs that taught you years ago.
  9. Id agree with the above. The description section can be small, especially for some activities, but I'd say just list each job type, especially those relevant to medicine, and without going into too much detail individually.
  10. Lol people actually go around in public with their white coats and steths on in first year!? That makes me laugh - and here I thought buying a UBC med hoodie with MEDICINE written in big caps is silly
  11. I was wait listed this year too, and here's what I think about that (this is just my belief, may not be true!) - they rank according to two main things - TFR score ( AQ + NAQ) and the interview score - another thing to take into account is the references, but i feel like that's more used as a red flag thing. No one knows how they weight the TFR and interview scores, but I am sure the interview is at least 30% - so if you did well in that from previous years, it's probably the TFR or references that are your problem - so I'd say do your best to strengthen the TFR score through the NAQ (and make
  12. It's so hard to say - I've heard rumours that approx 90 ppl are on the wait list from year to year, and something like 35-40 ppl get accepted. You are right to say ppl get in right up until school starts - I also know, UBC generally cuts the wait list down mid June, so if you are still in the running after that your chances go up, statistically speaking. I think making alternative plans is wise, but I wouldnt completely give up hope. Stay positive, but do manage your expectations - and with enough persistence and perseverance, your hard work will pay off - good luck!!
  13. Hi everyone - long time lurker here - i aleays appreiated when other people time stamped, so i figured id do the same after getting an offer to the NMP on the 4th round In province 84 gpa Lots of volunteer work Interview felt crap - felt like i bombed like 3 stations Lived rurally for a few years, but wasnt raised rurally or anything like that. To those still on the waitlist - stay hopeful - i had all but written ubc off this year. Ive felt down and out and wanted to give up to many times - just stay to your goal.
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