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  1. When we (firm) accept on ORPAS, will we automatically be removed from waitlists? Or do I have to contact them directly and let them know to remove me?
  2. Also, the UofT OT thread is talking about a welcome event happening this Saturday..... is there a welcome event for PT too?!!?!
  3. In anticipation of the final class list being set and the Facebook group being made, I thought I'd start this thread . I'm super excited for September! I'm anxious to get started looking for a place, figuring out finances ( ), etc. And obviously to meet you guys!
  4. Applied: UofT, Mac, Western - All PT Accepted: UofT, Mac, Western Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: cum 3.75, sub 3.89 I will be accepting UofT
  5. If I were in your position I would probably wait until I find out where I am on the PT waitlist before deciding anything (from the wording online I think we will receive that information soon? I could be mistaken).
  6. After the CAP one of the current students told us Daniela would make a group sometime in June so we can connect, figure out housing, etc
  7. The worst part is that it probably won't be right at midnight... they'll make you wait the extra few minutes
  8. Has anyone else not received anything at all from UWO for PT since applying? (I neveer got log-on information...)
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