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  1. Nothing was released yet, I believe the stats didn't come out until the new year previously.
  2. Based on the endless stories and conversations I've had with commuters I would recommend finding a way to get on the subway; either living on the line somewhere or driving to a stop. Driving/parking into the city can be a nightmare.
  3. Be honest + truthful and think seriously about where the MD curriculum is going at U of T. There is a reason they picked every single one of these questions.
  4. If I had to buy a computer right now I'd go with the 13 inch macbook pro retina with upgraded storage
  5. examcrackers 101 passages for VR. also, there are literally thousands of threads on this forum about studying tools... check them out. Also check out the studentdoctor forums.
  6. If you're dead set on medicine than switch into an UG you have interest in, raise your GPA (may require taking an extra year, another UG, or a grad degree) and apply to medicine. You just need to commit, it seems like you're on the fence. Figure out what you really want out of medicine. The prestige and money are nice but trust me when I say that those are NOT the things that will make you live a happy life. You need a more solid footing to pursue a healthy, rewarding career in medicine.
  7. As long as they are not on the same system (i.e. OMSAS) you are fine. If you have paid a deposit you will likely lose it when you withdraw from the first school. To be 100% you could call both admissions offices and ask the theoretical question, without providing your personal information if you are worried about that.
  8. Agreed with the above. Most useful thing you can do is taking your time to pick your referees carefully and compile a list of your ECs. I did my entire OMSAS application in a week and it was NOT fun.
  9. Everyone gets a similar experience, it really just comes down to the MD that is assigned to be your tutor (regardless of which academy you are at). People will try to tell you about some hospitals being more "community oriented" than others, which may be true, but you will not really notice this when you are seeing a few patients every other week (patient's may have longer medical histories and medication lists at UHN, but this is a minor detail really) in your pre-clerkship years. In my personal opinion location is an important factor, because regardless all the hospitals will have great/good
  10. Can't even tell if you're trolling. I agree he is intelligent and makes very calculated decisions... but he is possibly the furthest thing from a truth teller. Edit: "intelligent"
  11. I think it comes down to personal preference. I insist on working with a 15 inch screen (largest MS Surface is 13 inches I believe) and haven't hand written anything for years. When it comes to reliability it's very difficult to beat a MacBook Pro. You'll just have to shell out the $$$ for it.
  12. TIME TO WRITE THE USMLES #makeamericagreatagain .... but actually though anybody that believes anything this guy says needs to be evaluated
  13. 50% Interview, 50% file score (includes GPA, references, EC's, etc). If I were in your position I would apply widely and improve my interview skills. The key to personal interviews that I share with everyone is to be a good story teller. Learn how to talk about your experiences in an engaging way.
  14. All depends on how much background knowledge you have. I studied ~2 months while working 4/days week but I almost entirely skipped studying for Biology/Orgo because I had that background.
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