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  1. Just got mine too. Congrats to everyone and all the best on the MMI.
  2. Yes sure. My last name starts with a B. That was a bit lucky I must admit. Stay positive my friend and hopefully you will hear the good news soon. Best of luck and I hope you heard good news from other schools. Cheers, KB
  3. Just received an invitation to McMaster PT MMI with a 3.81 ! Good luck to y'all
  4. Yes I will be interested for sure. I think that's the best and most realistic way to prepare for the MMI. I'm in the Toronto area as well but I'm heading to Ottawa right now so skype will work great. Bonne chance
  5. Waitlisted with a sGPA of 3.81 as well. Yeah I'm wondering any idea how much does the waitlist moves ? Ballpark Best of luck to everyone and congrats for those invited
  6. No schools like U OF T , Western , Mac , Dalhousie don't need a CV. Ottawa and McGill do.
  7. Applied: Toronto, Ottawa, Western,Mcmaster ,mcgill , dalhousie ( all PT) Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: cGPA: 3.73 sGPA: 3.81 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: - work as Peer assisted study sessions leader with my faculty , volunteered in cardiac rehab unit ( >100 hours) , volunteered to teach french to seniors , volunteered as a peer health educator on campus with a focus on sexual health education , good research experience, conducted research on the potential of nanoparticles to serve as biosensors in complex media research project was funded by NSERC. Best of
  8. Are you sure that we need a statement ? I feel there is some conflicting information. On their admission video, they state that you need a statement but on their application checklist,they list only the following. ; 1. Supplementary application form 2. Additional information section printed from online application 3. application checklist 4 transcripts 5. letters of references
  9. We needed more time !! My tip to everyone writing it in the future , find some awesome people to study with ,time yourself and then share your answers this the best way to study. Il faut aussi rester calme et ne vous stressez pas , Bonne chance a tous , Karim
  10. Genial !! On peut se rencontrer demain ici a 21h par example ? si t'as d'autres idées , dis le moi. De même voici mon adresse courriel : Karimkoks@gmail.com.
  11. Salut à Tous , Je vais faire mon test Casper le Jeudi 20 octobre à 18h. Je me demandais si qqun est intéressé pour réviser ensemble. Par exemple on peut proposer les uns les autres des scénarios , laisser 5 min pour répondre , puis on discute les réponses et la logique et la méthodologie qu'on a utilisé pour répondre. Dites-moi si vs êtes intéressés. Bonne Chance , Karim
  12. Thank you so much for your help guys !! Really appreciate it , wish you all the best in your studies in Ottawa and mcgill respectively
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