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  1. Ah, c'est vraiment dommage! Faut qu'on crée un groupe de pression pour changer ça! A McGill, la plupart des cours avec > 100 élèves sont enregistrés et diffusés. Est-ce que tu sais par hasard si les profs sont plutôt ouverts à l'idée de se faire enregistrer? Aux anciens: est-ce qu'il est coutume que les étudiants partagent ces enregistrements entre eux de manière organisée?
  2. Salut, Est-ce qu'il y a moyen de revisionner/réécouter les cours magistraux à l'UdeM pour ainsi avoir la possibilité de faire une deuxième passe sur le cours et/ou de ne pas être obligé(e) d'assister au cours en personne? Merci
  3. "out of the ordinary" in the good sense right, you're scaring me
  4. McGill med's Maclean's ranking may suffer for the next few years but it will take much more than this to affect McGill's reputation in the long-term. Remember that the probationary period only lasts two years, which is ample time for the faculty to address the (mainly administrative) issues raised. If anything, this will act as an incentive to improve the training of current and future medical students. The only way McGill's reputation will "take a blow internationally" is if it consistently graduates individuals with subpar competencies thereby affecting program directors' general perception
  5. On ne choisit pas nos cours et c'est la faculté qui se charge de nous y inscrire.
  6. Présence obligatoire le 25 août, initiations le 27 et le 28 août.
  7. Lors de la première vague d'offres, tous ceux qui avaient un dépôt de 200$ ont été admis! Donc c'est très bon signe! Personellement, mon courriel était dans mes indésirables (spam).
  8. Est-ce que vous avez un dépôt de 200$?
  9. Wow, sounds intense! Thank you so much for the extensive information mmd7! I agree there are ethical issues to consider, but I'm interested in the teaching experience and this seems like the ideal setting for me (structured content, regular hours, relevant subjects to my field of study etc.) Do you think I won't be accepted in bio despite completing a Msc in Biology? I took the MCAT in my second year of undergrad so I was flimsier on my bio back then. Good to know about that two-year non-compete clause. Any other MCAT instructors who can pitch in?
  10. Oh I see, that's great! Way to think ahead of time Most of the FB graduates who get accepted in med school in Québec went to a French school in Québec since they have a "côte de rendement" that allows them to be evaluated against their CEGEP peers. I agree, the côte R business is pretty confusing. I doubt you'll find many people on this forum who are in the same situation as you though. You should contact the admissions office by email, they're very responsive. Ask them how many people they've accepted in the past years who were exactly in your situation. I know that for McGill Un
  11. Hey Samsam, Like you said, there are only 1-2 places for international students which makes the process extremely competitive in your case. Application to med school is done in two steps. First, you need to be invited to interview (based on your academic performance) and then you must compete against other equally performant interviewees for that 1-2 spots. In my opinion, it's a very long shot. If you really want to study medicine in Canada, you have better chances doing a bachelor's degree first. I know a bunch of Canadian FB graduates with Quebec residency who routinely get rejected
  12. Hi, For those of you who have taught the MCAT in a prep company (Princeton Review, Kaplan, Prep101), how was the application process? I am considering being a MCAT instructor next year. Did you have to pass a benchmark exam similar to the MCAT to verify that you master the topic? Does the interview gauge your interpersonal skills, your academic knowledge, both? How is the training? What was the workload like? Is it manageable in first year med school (the premed year in Québec)? Fyi, I got 37 on the old MCAT (14/12/11). Thank you in advance for the tips!
  13. Désolée de "hijacker" ton post FlorenceOD, mais puisqu'il y a un premed parmi nous (zaphygraph ), j'aimerais savoir si les notes en année préparatoire de médecine sont "flexibles" comme celles de la médecine dentaire. C'est-à-dire, est-ce que les notes sont attribuées en fonction de la performance globale de la cohorte ou sont-elles fixes (>90% = A+, 90-85% = A, etc.)? Merci!
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