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  1. I had a shitty GPA (3.51) in undergrad, with a great GPA in grad school (4.0) but they don't really look at this. I did the old MCAT with a verbal score of 13/15 which i believe translates to a 131/132.
  2. I agree with SoraAde; i had a similar-ish GPA (3.53) but my verbal score was 13 even then, I got an I interview one year and none the next. It depended on CASPer
  3. The website says: "Base Membership includes use of indoor/outdoor track, pool, squash courts, saunas, open gym time and member rates for instructional/intramural programmes." whats open gym time? I literally cannot find a schedule anywhere else
  4. Been an avid rock climber for years and would like to keep it up during medical school. i know the mac gym has a wall, any clue if it's any good? How many routes? Does it change often? Is lead climbing an option? Bouldering? also, do we get automatic membership in the mac gym as part of tuition or nah?
  5. In case you didn't see the video - the backpack was revealed
  6. That's a lot harder. To get an interview, you want to be of the top 10% to get an interview, it's just numbers: 32% GPA, 32% MCAT verbal/cars, 32% casper even if you ace casper and have a less than ideal GPA and MCAT , it's rare that you are in the top 10% of applicants
  7. I can't comment on CARS, but I got in this year I got an interview in my third year (and final year; I did my undergrad in 3 years at UofT). My GPA was 3.45 I think? (3.23 in first year, 3.67 in second year). My MCAT verbal score was 13/15. I was waitlisted but didn't get in. I then did my masters. I applied when I first graduated my BSC before starting my masters. Same verbal score (13) and my GPA was 3.53; and I had one more publication. I didn't get an interview I applied after my Masters (public health); my verbal was 13, undergrad GPA was 3.53; grad GPA was 4.
  8. I was waitlisted in 2015 (got in this year) and we got an email when the class was full- if I recall correctly, it was like JUne 23rd
  9. Hi' i got student number and barcode and everything in an email titled "Your McMaster Student Number" on June 2nd. Email said that these emails are sent out in batches.
  10. I'm assuming since they say "guess the colour" on the post rather than asking which colour we'd want that it's already decided.
  11. I can see my McMaster email listed on MOSAIC, but I have no idea how to access it (am I even able to access it now?) Also, any idea if I can change my McMaster email address? Honestly, it's half of my last name with my first initial and it just looks awkward and will definitely lead to wrongly typed address (had this issue before).
  12. I can't speak for CARS since I wrote the old MCAT, but Verbal score could definitely be improved in that times frame
  13. I got an email with Information regarding deposit, and another email providing me with my student number. i also mailed in my health record screening (delivered Wednesday evening) and I got the confirmation today.
  14. Got confirmation for my offer acceptance and BLS, mailed my health record check but haven't heard anything yer nothing on deposit
  15. I'm not from Hamilton but I was also looking for a one bedroom or bachelor. I really recommend avoiding high-rise buildings, and check every address on bedbugregistry. Honestly, things can look clean (especially in an unfurnished apartment), but then it turns out its infested.
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