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  1. Hi there! I've been told and also have come to realize that radiology electives are much more passive compared to other rotations. I don't really see how the usual advice given to clerks applies to a rads elective. I was therefore wondering how does one hope to impress or stand out in the hopes of getting a good LOR. Thanks !
  2. Kin is a pretty straightforward program, meaning that if you put in the work, you'll get great grades. There's no surprises, the material is by no means hard, but the volume is heavy. Most of your classes will be anatomy, physiology and biomechanics classes, which can only get so hard. Most, if not all the evaluations are objective ( multiple choice usually) . The amount of time you need to put in really depends on you and how you learn, but I would say 30+ hours per week to get a 4.3. One thing I like about kin, is that you can pretty much skip almost all your classes as the teachers just rea
  3. I have an interview at Sherbrooke with 42 credits at 4.2 gpa from kin and a 30 crc. And from what i've read on this forum, a 4.3 in kin gives a 39 cru at UdeM
  4. Est-ce que kin donne une bonne CRU a UdeM?
  5. How is it that prior to this year, psyc gave one of the best CRU? I was under the impression that the only modification to the CRU calculation was the addition of the indice de force. Even if psyc has a low indice the force, did the cote Z and average gpa of people in that programme change to the point where a 4.24/4.3 doesn't even get you an interview? I guess I just don't get how it can go from being one of the strongest programmes to not even getting an interview with an almost perfect gpa.
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