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  1. Hello, I applied to UofT dentistry with a 3.84 GPA, 21 AA and 22 PAT currently completing a thesis-based MSc degree. I did get an interview at UofT (so to all those that wish to pursue grad studies as a stepping stone for dentistry, it's definitely a good option). Sadly, I was really disappointed at my interview performance (I was extremely nervous) and I anticipate I did below average. I was wondering from current UofT Dentistry students, is there still hope to likely get accepted/wait listed with these stats and performance? Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I'm wondering, are we allowed to bring a digital watch, eraser and pencils? Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm a graduate student at the University of Toronto. I need to take a 2 half credits or a full credit for english. I want to take the english coure(s) at the University of Toronto - particularly undergraduate english courses geared towards NON-ENGLISH majors/ science students. Can anyone please recommand english courses they have already taken to fullfill prereqs for dental schools across Canada and the US. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, for students that apply to The University of Toronto's dental school that apply AFTER their fourth year (not during), how do they compare an applicant with a combined GPA for three years (because of the lowest year drop) which is a student who had already graduated, to one who is applying in their 3rd and 4th (applying with two years with lowest year drop)? Does anyone know whether students who graduate after four years are classified and assessed differently than those who apply in their last year? My situation is a such where my two past years are 3.97. With my first yea
  5. If I applied in my fourth year at UofT, they'd look at 2 years only (they would not look at my fourth year grades and drop either 1st or 2nd year). So, there is a disadvantage with applying post UG because 3 years will be considered as opposed to 2.
  6. Well Western takes your two best years - grades are posted as percentages, and 1.0 credits (full year courses) I believed are doubled. I.e. Anatomy 1.0 - 92%. Meaning, 92% x 2. So my third year was 90.3% and my fourth year was 91% (combined to 90.7%). For UofT, I believe that if you apply after your UG, they will drop your lowest year - so in this case, they'd look at 3 years. My first year was a 3.59 (~83%). My third year was stated from above 3.97 and my last was 3.97. I do wish to get in UofT, that's why I'm pursing a Master's.
  7. Hi everyone, I plan on writing my DAT this Nov and planning to do a Master's as well. If I did not do a Masters, how likely would I be to get in next year? (one year out of UG?) For Western: 2 best years - 90.7% For UofT: 1st year: 3.59 3rd year: 3.97 4th year: 3.97 = 3.84 (Considering they drop your lowest year - for me it was my 2nd at 3.33). Any suggestions of what I should aim on my DAT to be fairly competitive?
  8. okay thanks I have a friend who is in UofT's dental school now and I asked him the same question. He told me quite a few of his classmates did a Master's in microbiology, epidemiology and neuroanatomy.. which I do find are relevent to dentistry. Although, I do agree with you. I'd hate to commit to two years with having very little interest for the research topic.
  9. Hi everyone, I decided I'll be doing a Master's in September after finishing undergrad at Western. From what you have all heard, does it matter what you choose to do your Master's in? I.e., infectious disease (disease transmission) or motor neuron and movement (mastication)- both relevant in dentistry. I'm interested to do My Master's in fetal in utero development and long-term disease with over/under maternal nutrition. I would like to get your opinions and what you've heard from others who are in both dental schools! Thanks guys
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