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    I'd say spend the next two weeks doing practice passages and the two weeks following doing practice tests every other day taking the days in between to work more passages from weak areas.
    Here's why: I asked my friend (TPR OChem Instructor, Med Student at Duke) pretty much the same questions a while back and here's what he told me:
    With a score below 8 on any section, you're missing some content knowledge and it would help you to go into the review book to try master some weaker areas.
    With a score between 8 - 11, what's most important is practice - FSQs, practice passages...as many as you can get your hands on and carefully going over your mistakes. Learn through experience.
    He said with scores beyond 11, you should really be focusing on doing as many AAMC tests as you can so you really learn how the test is structured and get a feel for the traps they've got set up for you. And, if you've got time/money to blow, some of those Elite 45 books.
    Anecdotal evidence doesn't do much to support a claim. But on the two TPR tests I took during the course I got 2 5s and one 7...and on the two I took afterwards, 7s. After taking a look at my scores and talking to my friend I realized that content knowledge is mostly what I was missing out on. So I spent the last week and a half doing straight up physics readings and practice problems. I took AAMC 10 two days ago and made an 11 in PS and AAMC 11's PS section this morning and got a 10.
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