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  1. All applicants are required to write the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to be eligible for admission. The new MCAT introduced in 2015 and taken in 2016 will be acceptable. http://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/mcat
  2. There's no such category as OOO any more. Just one category of IP including ottawa and cutoff is 3.85.
  3. YES. If you go on their website. Under excellence of marks categories. Before there used to be a separate category for in province ottawa and in province out of Ottawa. NOW It is just ONE category. When you email or call admissions to ask for ottawa cutoff they will tell you 3.85.
  4. The wGPA cutoff for ottawa residents is now 3.85, up from 3.7 in previous years- for the English stream. There is now only 1 category of IN PROVINCE (english stream)
  5. Last 3 yrs undergrad ONLY. Doesent matter if you have a PhD, MSc, MBA DDS etc. You can call to get confirmation.
  6. Well I did casper last cycle just to give it a shot at mac even though cGPA and VR were low. Did not do well cuz of typing and timing/was not a fan of the test. I have a veryyy very strong ABS but my wGPA was low for uOttawa last cycle. Decided uOttawa is my best chance so went back for an extra yr and got wGPA well above 3.90. Was feeling very confident and positive with my application.. And now casper comes along and says...wassup. CASPer is a game changer. I would have planned differently had I known Casper was coming to Ottawa.
  7. I wish they gave some kind of a heads up last cycle huge blow to my plans.
  8. When you click on eligibility criteria. Scroll all the way down to selection policies tab. It is the first sentence.
  9. The selection criteria is based on eligibility requirements, all of the academic parameters as well as performance on CASPerTM, review of the autobiographical sketch, and finally by the results of the interview performance combined with the academic performance.
  10. Thank you!! I was just a little hesitant to put '6th year undergrad' under the 'level of education' heading of the sketch.
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