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  1. I’m sure enough people feel the same way as you, why doesn’t anyone try to form some organization and do something about it. Complaining on forums doesn’t actually accomplish anything
  2. https://www.amazon.ca/White-Coat-Investor-Personal-Investing/dp/0991433106/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526948028&sr=8-1&keywords=white+coat+investor Buy this book. IMO you have nothing to worry about if you have a plan. Like Malkynn said find what your priorities are and what you want out of your life. If you have ambitions to be a practice owner my advice would be to make minimal payments on your loan until you either acquire or build a practice. Even then, don't forget about the time value of money. If you can make more than prime-0.25 in your investments, put your money i
  3. Dunno why your process worked out that way, but thats not what I experienced with Scotia.
  4. I would say there is zero chance. They would not buy it because you can go to any bank with your offer and have a line of credit opened the next day pretty much, they would think you’re just trying to wait until other offers come out.
  5. It could be that since Western looks at your ECs and shadowing is a big part of it, its becoming harder for students who are gunning for med to get in as a backup, so the class is composed of people who actually want to dentistry and not just use it as a backup. Whereas UofT only looks at GPA and DAT so a lot of premeds can still get in relatively easily.
  6. From my experiences as an administrator in Ontario, insurance companies only pay at the level proposed by the fee guide, but some policies pay based on previous years fee guides so the amount is less because each year the prices go up. I don't understand the hostility either. If they want to improve access for care then cover basic dental services under universal healthcare, that would solve it
  7. Yes they can, but I think 100% of the time Insurance companies only reimburse for the amount listed in the provinces fee guide
  8. I don't understand why the government is targeting healthcare professionals now. First they're trying to get rid of corporation tax advantages, and now this.
  9. It is so hard to get a bank loan if you're studying out of the country. Your parents or cosigner must show substantial assets. I know 2 people who couldn't get approved by the banks for a loan because of this reason. The parents had to end up either refinancing their homes or selling properties to pay
  10. Do you really think it will get to a point where new grads cant pay back $275k over 15 years?
  11. I would take it. No guarantee you get into a Canadian school after your undergrad, and the $90k difference is made up by the fact that you can start working right at 24-25 as opposed to 26-27, if you even get into a Canadian school right away after graduating. Accept the offer and don't look back.
  12. This. As someone who applied and was accepted to US programs, you don't really realize the insane cost until you get in. I'd put the estimate even closer to 600k CAD. Even with a max LOC from a Canadian bank, you'd need to pay the remaining 325k somehow. I'm all for pursuing your dream, but please, before you even apply think about how you'll finance this education and if it's not possible, focus your efforts on getting into schools in Canada or other countries that are cheaper
  13. What percentage of your paychecks do you recommend putting away for retirement? Oh wow, do you think you would be able to turn things around business wise if you were to take over and implement better management systems, or is that too big of a risk?
  14. Baller. Ah okay, I see. Thanks for the insight, really gotta start planning for retirement right away.
  15. Can I ask why you haven't pursued practice ownership yet?
  16. Would you say that most dentists are financially stressed because they're trying too hard to live the "doctor lifestyle"? I remember reading a stat that only 5% of dentists can actually retire by age 65 because of this reason.
  17. Whats the process like to get a summer student research position? Is it competitive?
  18. Wait until friday-middle of next week. Since the deposit deadline is June 1st, I think most high waitlisters should get good news soon
  19. Would you say its harder to get into an American omfs program as a canadian grad, or a Canadian omfs program?
  20. Do you believe it's pretty much impossible for a Canadian dental school graduate to match into a US omfs program?
  21. No worries at all, I know how stressful this is and am glad to help. Only for the leadership one did we have to provide a description, the rest is just listing. I only had 1 item in the other awards section, 2 in employment, and 3 in research (which I did all in the past year), the rest I had the max amount which is 5.
  22. 3 separate questions. 1st one is like 3000 character limit (including spaces), 2nd and 3rd are 1000 characters each
  23. I agree with what Waves said, there is no clear cut formula for what to do, but you want your PS to showcase how you are unique by illustrating your strengths, motivation, and goals. Go through your ABS and find activities that you think best showcase who you are, and how you would be a great dentist. Since word count is limited, make sure every line is making a point and is unique to you. Rule of thumb is if you can copy and paste any section of your PS into another applicants, its probably not strong enough. Use concrete examples and be specific, and keep the fluff to a minimun. Anyone can t
  24. I didn't interview at UofT, so I wouldn't know their questions. But from my understanding, in CDA interviews they don't ask specific dental related questions. In western's interview they do ask dental related/ethical questions, so thats another way its different. They probably are structured similarly, but the way its marked and the style of questions they ask are different. I heard they don't mark based on competencies anymore.
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