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  1. I apologize for this, I originally posted in the ''electives'' section but then soon realized it would pertain more to recently-matched applicants since they might have a better idea on how to plan electives more ideally. I tried to remove my old post but couldn't figure out how, and so now I just edited it to say it is discontinued. Won't happen again
  2. Hello, I am currently selecting my electives for next year, hoping to match to Radiology in Quebec. Coming from Ottawa where we only have 10 weeks pre-carms to do electives, we usually do 5 x 2-week electives. However, I am aware in Quebec that students have 16-20 weeks of pre-carms electives, and they tend to do 4-week electives in specialties and schools that they are highly considering in order to show their interest. It is also advantageous for them in that they don't tend to apply as broadly as Anglophone students. I was just wondering, would I look competitive or show enough interes
  3. Thanks for your reply, Historically, do the requirements change a lot? say from which specialists the LORs are required, how much the CV is weighed, selection criteria, etc.
  4. Hello, I was wondering when the program descriptions will be updated for the 2019 cycle on the CARMS website, or if anyone had an idea based on the previous years. I am currently looking at the program descriptions for 2018, but as we all know, they could change from year to year. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I am currently a french-speaking student in Ottawa, originally born in Montreal, planning to apply for Residency back in Quebec. I have checked on the carms website the program description for some of the Quebec programs, and see that some of them take into consideration the numerical grade we got in medical school. Unfortunately in Ottawa, we only receive a pass or fail grade, and for residency programs like Sherbrooke, med school grades can count for up to 50% (the other 50% being the interview). Does anyone know how these french schools take into consideration applicants like
  6. Hey guys, I've just been accepted recently to uOttawa med school and I am supposed to confirm my offer through OMSAS SAM system. I went back on the OMSAS website and noticed it changed to the 2016 version for the new application cycle so I was unable login to my old account to confirm! I was wondering if anybody went through this, and knows what to do from there.
  7. Accepted on July 15th off the waitlist French stream 3.96 wGPA
  8. Salut Arztin, J'ai complété 15 crédits chaque semestre tout au long de mon Bacc alors je ne pense pas que je serais pénalisé pour ça, c'est juste ma note qui était un peu plus basse. Merci pour ta clarification!
  9. Bonjour, Je viens de finir mon Bacc. cette année, j'ai espéré d'être accepté en Médecine pour l'année prochaine mais malheureusement ce n'est pas arrivé. Je vais réappliquer encore à McGill et aux universités francophones, mais je voulais savoir si je serais à un désavantage si je prends une année congé en dehors de l'école. Durant cette prochaine année, mon plan sera de travailler dans deux emplois à temps partiel (Tuteur et travail administratif dans un hôpital). Bien que je connais des gens qui ont été accepté à McGill après une année off, je ne suis pas certain à propos des écoles fra
  10. I think this is what it is. According to the PDF file in the link above, condition #3 also states the following: §3 Students registered in the undergraduate medical education program are required to register with le Collège des médecins du Québec (hereinafter, the CMQ) by September 30th of the year of registration in the undergraduate medical education program, which may include (but is not limited to) submitting to the CMQ: Therefore my guess is that once you accept the offer (and pay the deposit), you still have to register with the CMQ. But by September 30th it makes sense that you sho
  11. Some people I knew who got accepted this year found out around March 16-17th whether they got accepted or not, and they got 2 weeks to accept/pay the deposit. I was just wondering because I know that in Ontario, once you accept an offer you are automatically taken off the waitlist/acceptance list of the other Ontario schools, since it is all an integrated system.
  12. I am applying next year as a Quebec resident in the University category, and I heard that if you get accepted you have to confirm and pay your deposit by March 30th or something like that. I was wondering if by doing so, it was also mandatory for you to remove yourself from the interview for other schools (at that time the invitations for the other Quebec Universities come out too) or reject offers from other schools too. Because as of now, the waitlist movement this year for the QC University category hasn't even moved yet and I am suspecting that McGill`s early confirmation deadline is
  13. Thank you for the reply, it helped a lot. I also realized that as an interviewer, I would have preferred receiving succinct answers rather than a speech. Oh well, I guess it's definitely something to consider for next year. Did anyone ever run into a point where they ran out of questions to be asked from the interviewer (since at Quebec I am 99% sure they have a pre-established list of follow-up questions)
  14. To Arztin and other Quebec applicants: For the quebec MEMs there has been a debate on whether you should enter and give a 7-minute speech non-stop, or give a concise 2-3 minute answer to the original question on the prompt and then expect follow questions to complete your answer. How did you guys structure your answers? For most of them I started off with a very long answer (essay style, intro, points, conclusion), expecting there to be no follow up questions. Sometimes I rambled/repeated, sometimes I didn't. Which method do you guys think is better? I fear that if the interviewers are
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