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  1. Hm good point. I'm sure we'll know soon enough!
  2. The way I understood it it's only a thing starting with the class of 2026 and you'd have the option to pick it on the site selection form.
  3. It’s embarrassing looking at my own notes lol.
  4. 2nd Interview with UBC, 4th application overall Result: Accepted VFMP Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 8:15 PM PST May 14 Degree: BSc aGPA: 87.48% MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 519 (130/130/130/129) Interview: Below Average in 2018 I think I had a decent rapport with most of my interviewers. Some did come across as warmer than others, but I really don't think that necessarily correlated with how I did on a station. I've never been good at acting stations so I wouldn't be able to give advice for those. For everything
  5. New non-academic requirements for the upcoming application cycle: -Needs to be an active DnD player
  6. For anyone who’s interested (RESP, etc), it looks like Proof of Enrolment letters are available on SSC now. I’m a current UBC student so that probably factors into it though.
  7. The e-mail from admissions about the student number survey (May 14, 10:06 AM) has a link to the survey. It’s hyperlinked on the word “survey” in the e-mail.
  8. Do you have a Visa Debit branded access card? I recall my TD account not working for that reason. I saw a post on **DELETED** about requesting a 13-digit Interac card that would work with Interac online, but the process to do so looked a bit slow and cumbersome
  9. Thanks, I just re-read the old e-mail and it did say that, hopefully it’s not too bad of a bad look on me . I’ll reach out. I figure that UBC’s school-wide payment system is coded in a way that you can’t selectively choose payment options based on what you’re paying for, so there wasn’t an option for them to turn off credit card for deposits if they wanted to allow it for application fees.
  10. Did anyone end up paying the deposit by credit card? I seem to recall the acceptance package indicating we couldn't pay by credit card, but it seemed to go through without any issues when I paid by Visa.
  11. You don’t see your TFR if you’re accepted, but these were my scores from my previous application cycles: ~55 regrets post interview ~50 (2x) regrets without interview
  12. Accepted to VFMP at 8:15 AM! Edit: Last name H for reference
  13. I’ve always wondered whether Canadian med schools placed any importance on balanced MCAT scores beyond the stated minimums, or whether that’s more of an American phenomenon.
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