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  1. no shame in going abroad tbh...fuck the haters other than second undergrad but yeah
  2. But would you say that my marks, being far below average, indicate a problem that's deeper than not studying properly? Or can not studying properly lead to marks this low?
  3. Yeah I've just never heard of anyone doing well academically and enjoying school/science from a philosophical point of view and then doing as terribly as I'm doing. I think I have the potential to do well in school though, I just haven't felt like myself lately especially considering that BHSc is known for not being particularly hard
  4. Yeah and my performance seems to be in stark contrast to all other BHSc students which is why I was so concerned. At first I thought it was normal to struggle but then I heard about everyone else's marks and realized that there's something wrong with me
  5. So are you saying I should consider giving up on medical school? The only thing I could see myself wanting to do after that is grad school but I'm not doing good enough for that either. I guess it's just weird because I actually really like school and have for a long time, so not doing well in it is confusing
  6. yeah I might try this I noticed when I would write midterms this year, I felt like it would have been helpful to study in a way that would let me review/interact/practice with the material more but I thought by handwriting it I would learn it more solidly the first time around, which is what happened in high school, so the need to go over it many many times would not be necessary but I guess that isn't working
  7. Yeah I experienced all of those and also I've experienced obsessive thoughts about my ability to socialize or my past relationships from first year In general I guess I had a lot of emotional lows looking back on it But from what i've said and the type of marks I've gotten would you suggest going back next semester or waiting until fall 2017?
  8. What should I do during my time off to come back and succeed?
  9. Yeah you're right, I feel like I did that but my grades aren't reflecting it. I can say with complete honesty that my grades seem to be disconnected with the amount of work I am putting in, so I'm at a loss of what do now. I need to change my approach but I'm not sure and i thought I would have known how to study by now
  10. The way I studied for anatomy, epi, and psych was to make handwritten notes where I basically transcribed powerpoints/podcasts and if I had time I would go through and make notes from the textbook, which was going through the book and trying to summarize the readings/copying out what key points is this is a bad way to approach studying?
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