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  1. If anyone is looking to buy the DAT destroyer (2015 version) in the GTA, send me a message! For those of you who don't know, DAT destroyer is the single best resource for DAT science section with over 800 questions!!
  2. Hey J1324, just curious why you chose UofS over Western. Are you from Saskatchewan? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone get rejected? Or is everyone not accepted just waitlisted?
  4. Does anyone know how Dalhousie calculates GPA? Do they drop the worst year?
  5. Do you know how Usask calculates GPA from letter grades?
  6. Did anyone get a confirmation email from U of T after submitting their online app? I can see the charge on my credit card, but I haven't received a confirmation email...
  7. Hey everyone, Is anyone familiar with how Mcgill calculates GPA? What exactly is cGPA and Science GPA? do they use OMSAS? thanks!
  8. Wait so If you apply to U of T during fourth year they will still drop your first year if it's the worst one, correct?
  9. I think only UBC counts summer courses. Since they don't drop any years, I assume summer courses won't be dropped. Better to call and ask though...
  10. Thanks! That's what I thought. Do you happen to know if Mcgill drops any years, it seems like they don't.
  11. Hello everyone! I was wondering if UBC drops your lowest year GPA when doing calculations? It's a little confusing on their website: Q. If I have a bad year, will it be used in the GPA calculation? A. We look at all post-secondary education. The worst year is only dropped if the applicant has: completed four or more years at time of applying, and the drop year must have 24 or more credits and is not the most recent year. Sounds like a weird way of doing things....
  12. dds19 how was your GPA and AA if you don't mind me asking?
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