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  1. What does a guy wear for a virtual med interview? Suit/tie? Dress shirt? Not too concerned about the pants and shoes part
  2. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 11:10 EST cGPA/wGPA: ~3.9 GPA (cGPA and wGPA pretty similar) Year: Graduated April 2020 from a BC uni MCAT: 130/128/128/128 (514) ECs: Lots of long-term volunteering, bunch of different jobs, hobbies, sports/rec. things, personal life experiences things....pretty holistic/varied application I'd say .. idk CASPer: Winged it. Couldn't even remember how it went. Didn't get McGill, UOttawa, or McMaster interviews so... Third time applying at Queen's, first interview! I interviewed at UBC two years ago but no other interviews/invites since then. I
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