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  1. I had a similar situation happen, and would be happy to discuss. send me a PM
  2. Honestly just worried about the length of training/culture/job prospects. It's definitely what I enjoy most but I also genuinely enjoyed a lot of other things too
  3. Hey all, I'm a Canadian M4 who was interested in surgery for the majority of med school. After really enjoying all of my clerkship rotations, I've recently been having some (very) last minute cold feet about surgery and starting to feel that FM might be better suited for me in terms of training time and QOL. I won't have any pre-carms electives in FM and I was wondering what my chances might be for landing an interview at Toronto, Mac or Ottawa assuming I have good LOR from my FM, pscyh and IM preceptors in clerkship and a strong personal statement?
  4. Is the variance in file scores between applicants invited to interview enough that it can actually make a difference in the final review? Or is everyones scores at that point roughly the same?
  5. I spoke to admissions today and they said listing personal experiences in the BPE is absolutely NOT necessary. They said that if you can use them then thats great but that you can have an equally good answer by arguing your points well about the subject
  6. In the section on OMSAS for school choices there is a drop down menu for "previous year applied". If we applied last cycle is that 2014 or 2015?
  7. I was a TA for 2 courses for year, both on human anatomy. The classes were essentially the same and had the same material, but one was offered in the fall to undergraduates and the other was offered in the winter only to professional students in physical and occupational therapy. The second course went into greater detail than the first but covered the same systems. Also the classes had different course codes. Should i group these experiences as 1 or is it warranted to list them separately?
  8. The publication was in an orthopaedic surgery clinical journal, so i don't see why that would not count... the presentation was a podium presentation of the same research at an international spine conference. My original thought was that it is redundant to list both but i figured I would ask for another opinion On another note, a separate set of research is being presented at a different conference this year. That research has also been accepted for publication but has not been printed yet. I again WILL NOT be the one presenting at the conference. What are your opinions on listing this?
  9. I had some of my research published last year, and it was also presented at a medical conference (I was not the presenter but rather another student in the group went). is it redundant/padding to list both the journal publication and the presentation??
  10. I have been accepted into a masters program in experimental surgery that I am considering doing in my year between undergrad and medical school. The research is in orthopaedic surgery which is an area I have worked in before, and is somethign I think I would like to pursue. Now obviously many people change their minds in medical school about what they want to specialize in, however, assuming that I did in fact want orthopaeidics, how much would this masters benefit me in obtaining a residency spot? Thanks
  11. I appreciate all the replies! My main "concern" right now is making sure I get to interview at U of T again. Does anyone have an idea how likely it is to not receive a second interview (given that no part of an application has been weakened)? Obviously the applicant pool changes ever year, and there is no way to fully know but are there any stats on this?
  12. I received an interview at U of T this year and was unfortunately rejected. I am obviously very disappointed, especially since I felt the interview went very well. I was applying last year with a 3.95 wgpa, 10/9/13 MCAT, and very diverse ECs including about 100 hours of hospital shadowing, clinical research, 3 publications in clinical journals, 10+ years of music, 6 years of competitive hockey, a club executive postition and a TA position. U of T was my only interview out of applications to McGIll, McMaster, Ottawa, and Queens (and obviously U of T) Without sounding arrogant, i really
  13. First post here.. TIME STAMP 10:30 AM Interview Date: Feb 22 2015 Result: Rejection cGPA: 3.87 wGPA: 3.95 MCAT: 10/9/13 EC: 10+ Years of Competitive Hockey, 10+ years of performance music and music production, 2 summer research positions and shadowing in surgery, 3 publications in high ranked surgical journals, multiple volunteer research positions during undergraduate degree, 2 Teaching Assistant positions, Club Executive, 3 years as a camp counsellor, etc... Essays: Put a lot of work into them and had them reviewed and revised multiple times Interview: All stations
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