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  1. Sorry if I sound out of the loop here but how do new dental graduate students pay off their debts? I honestly don't know much at all about how debt repayment works but I know interest builds up pretty fast. Is it normal to graduate with $275/300k of debt? How long would it realistically take to pay that off? Do new graduates opt for living frugally and paying it off right away? I know the answers will depend case by case and lots of variables need to be factored in but I'm only asking generally because I'm pretty panicked right now - just got into dental school with barely any savings and
  2. I don’t know how it slipped my mind but I forgot to get a 4x6 photo taken to give at registration - can I give it to them later and bring a passport photo for now? I don’t know what to do
  3. Hi, I know the interview for UWO isn't CDA style anymore but does anyone know roughly the length and amount of questions we will be asked - I want to practice mock interviews as close to the actual thing as possible. Also is there a time limit per question? Thanks!
  4. I'm finishing up my Master's (thesis) and I wasn't originally going to apply to UofT since my GPA with the lowest year dropped is 3.78 but I'm in that phase of "there's no harm putting in an application anyway", considering the deadline is nearing. Can someone give me an honest reply at my chance? I'm not sure if I'm wasting money by filling the app out. Thanks!
  5. I currently just started a Master's program. My stats were good enough to get me an interview last cycle but I unfortunately blew the interview. I am wondering if there are any schools - Canadian (mostly) or American that will defer their acceptances for a year until I finish my Masters? I already know for UWO you must be in your final year but anywhere else I can apply now? Or do I have to wait until my second year for most schools? Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure if I'm completely missing it but it says the UWO applications will open Oct 2016 and the deadline is December 1st but I don't see any links to the page. Where do I find the application?
  7. I asked to have two questions repeated (not by the same interviewer), do you think they would deduct points for this? I was afraid I would answer the question incorrectly if I misheard it the first time but now I'm nervous.
  8. Invite IP Average: 90.02% DAT: 22RC, 21 AA ABS Evaluation: Probably a 3/4, I have decent employment and volunteer activities, very little shadowing and one research activity going on at the moment. My personal statement could have been better now that I'm re-reading it.
  9. I'm selling my subscription to the DAT Bootcamp materials (includes tests for Biology, Orgo, Chem, PAT, RC and Math - over 35+ tests in total). I found the tests to be extremely similar in comparison to the actual DAT, which I wrote yesterday. The PAT generators were the most useful for getting full practice! I'm selling it for $50 (price is negotiable and it was originally bought for $120). The subscription expires on January 12th, so it's perfect for the Feb cDAT or any American DAT practice.
  10. I don't think it will counted as a whole new attempt because so many of us went back to do it and the site crashed (not our fault). Anyways, I asked still and got this message from them: That's alright. All responses will be saved. If responses are missing we'll contact you. Regards, Jenny
  11. I went back and finished mine. It wasn't necessarily to increase the chances, I could've shot myself in the foot for all I know. I don't think the new ones I got were all that great, but I didn't want to sleep tonight thinking I could've gone back to see what the questions were I do agree that the break helping people to formulate answers was unfair though and this whole thing is ridiculous because there's no fair way to mark this now.
  12. I would rather watch potato quality videos than wait through this crash. It didn't crash last year.
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