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  1. Hello, I am selling some old MCAT books. - The Princeton Review MCAT 2015 Psychology & Sociology <-- solid coverage of P/S topics - EK 1001 series: Organic Chem, Chem, and Physics <-- good for extra practice on concepts you're weak in - EK MCAT 101 Verbal Reasoning <-- good for extra CARS practice - The Berkeley Review (old) MCAT set: General Chem I & II, Bio I & II, Organic Chem I & II, Physics I & II <-- Even though it isn't for the new MCAT it's honestly gold in terms of the depth it goes into explaining concepts. Helped me score 92nd
  2. If this is still happening, I'm interested!
  3. Hey, I'm interviewing at Queen's which also uses MMI and would be interested in meeting up this weekend if you still are. Let me know!
  4. Looking for anyone in Montreal interested in practicing for MMI interviews for Queen's. Please PM if interested!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm in Montreal and would be happy to practice for the interview with anyone who's also located here and has an interview. Please DM if interested!
  6. Hi everyone, My Western interview is on March 24. I'm in Montreal and would be happy to practice for the interview with anyone who's also located here and has an interview. Please DM if interested!
  7. During the information session they said it was wGPA + interview score. Not sure why the website indicated ABS would also be considered (would've been great for me lol), perhaps that's from the previous cycle
  8. Late response to this but I agree with @GITG's viewpoint. I'm really sorry you went through all of that and I can only imagine how much it affected your mindset walking into your interview, but I do not think it would be a good idea to call about it
  9. I'm in the exact situation. My panel was friendly overall. Ottawa is my only shot as well and I left with a weird feeling in my stomach. I think I did average given the unexpected nature of the questions but there are definitely some answers I keep replaying and kicking myself in the foot for. There's 1 ethics question I feel like I completely blew, so much so that they asked 2 follow-ups because I completely missed the point of their initial question lol. I thought getting the interview over with would lift a huge burden off my chest but instead it seems like the burden has only gotten heavi
  10. I honestly was not expecting an interview at all from any schools, least of all from UOttawa (wGPA ~3.89). I wrote the new MCAT in Sept 2017 and long story short got a horrible score that disqualifies me from Western, UofT and I'm pretty sure Queen's. Now I have an interview at Ottawa at the end of March, should I drop my plans to re-write for now or should I continue to study and write it? Although I want to stay confident, I acknowledge that my lower wGPA puts me at a disadvantage already so the odds are against me. I also will not be able to spend my entire summer studying for it, which is
  11. Does anyone based in Toronto who got an interview at Ottawa want to practice for the panel? Comment or PM if interested!
  12. Interested! Based in Toronto but I travel to Ottawa sometimes, so I can meet up in person sometimes!
  13. INVITE! Shocker of my life Time Stamp: 29/01/2018 - 6:27 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.89 Current year: UG complete (did 5 years), currently taking a year off and working in research ECs: Definitely above average, lots of community involvement and leadership, research productivity, clinical experience, some awards, and so on Casper: Honestly felt pretty good about it. Didn't think I did outstanding but didn't think I did horrible either. Did a lot of practice and reflected on ethical scenarios I've faced in my pre-med career so far, didn't read 'Doing Right' - just brushed up on
  14. @gangliocytoma and @robclem21 : sorry for the late response, I haven't logged in in a while but did see your response. I still want to thank you (and the other posters in this thread) for instilling some common sense in me. I decided not to take courses because I realized I was overthinking it waay too much and that you're right - my time would be better spent elsewhere, particularly on the MCAT. So that's what I'm going to be focusing on (in addition to working - I do research - and my Taekwon Do, volunteering, etc.).
  15. As long as they start and end during the academic year of Sept-April, I think you should be fine. But I would shoot them a quick email to be sure, they're pretty good with responses!
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