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  1. Thanks everyone! Super helpful tips. You guys are always awesome for quick responses and great advice
  2. Hi everyone, I've been home-hunting in Montreal and have tried to map out where classes/labs/clerkship rotations might be to figure out the "ideal" location. But a lot of that has been based on guesswork (i.e. not sure exactly where clerkship rotations might land me). I am new to Montreal, and so would appreciate any tips/advice based on people who have lived in the area! I'm currently considering several options, some of which include: Place #1 - on Avenue du Docteur-Penfield (Avenue du Docteur-Penfield & Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges) Place #2 - on Rue Prince Arthur
  3. Hi there, Would anyone be able to comment on how things are for OOP McGill students wanting to return to Ontario (originally from Ontario) for residency? I had a physician tell me that McGill trained students would be considered out of province, even if the student was from Ontario (which means it is much more competitive than for people who trained in an Ontario school). That struck me as odd. Help? Thanks very much
  4. Please ignore my message below, someone helped point me in the right direction. --- Hi Ambassadors, Wondering if you know where I can find out when classes begin in 2015. I am still on the waitlist but hopeful to get in. I have accepted an offer at another Canadian school and want to know how late I can wait. I looked through the website, googled, and even searched this forum but can't seem to find this piece of basic information! I found the start date for other programs but just not medicine. Thanks for your help!
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